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entrepo is basic. entrepo is essential. It is simple, and it is sufficient.

entrepo represents the most cutting edge home ware brands from around the world, all of which have the common thread of contemporary design and interesting but practical functionality which can be used in everyday modern life. We strive to provide our customers across South Africa with essential quality home ware designed to inspire and empower our customers to change the way they interact with everyday products, our homes and our daily lives.  

Our Core

At entrepo our core beliefs are at the heart of everything we do, from our product selections, design aesthetics, and customer communication.

entrepo is Simple
People want less noise in their lives, therefore simplicity is at the heart of entrepo and everything we do.

entrepo Provides Quality
We believe quality should never be a once off experience, it should be a necessity that every one of our customers can expect when dealing with entrepo.

Design that Inspires
Our belief is to supply essential, high quality design that inspires our customers to live well

Products for essential everyday use
Entrepo is about the design of everyday products, yet design that provides functionality beautifully.