27 Bank Branches in South Africa Offering Smart ID Or Passport Services

27 Bank Branches in South Africa Offering Smart ID Or Passport Services

South Africa currently⁢ has​ 27 Department ⁤of Home Affairs-approved bank branches where you can​ get your smart ID card or⁣ renew your⁣ passport. On 27 June 2023, home affairs minister Aaron Motsoaledi approved a ⁤temporary extension ​of operating hours at 198 offices⁤ by two hours to meet ‌the⁢ demand for smart ID card and‍ passport services. The⁢ extension⁤ applies to the 198 modernised live capture offices, which can process smart ID cards and⁤ passports. Motsoaledi attributed the need to extend hours to the⁤ higher demand ⁣for such services ⁤during school holidays. In addition to these 198 offices, South Africans ⁤can⁣ book appointments online to⁤ submit smart ID and passport renewal applications at 27 bank branches nationwide.

Here is a breakdown of the branch allocation per ⁤bank:

– Standard Bank: 9
– FNB: 7
– Nedbank: 5
-⁢ Absa: 4
– Discovery Bank: 1
– Investec: 1

Discovery Bank isn’t included in the Department of Home Affairs’ list of bank branches, but it is listed on⁢ the eHome Affairs platform. ​Discovery Bank customers can book at the bank by​ emailing ⁢a preferred timeslot to [email protected] after capturing‍ their application on the platform.

The latest ⁣addition to the list of bank branches that ‍offer passport renewal and ‍smart ID card services is​ the ⁤Standard Bank ⁢in‌ Kathu ‍Mall ‍in the ‌Northern Cape. However, the branch ‌is still in⁤ the testing phase and is only⁤ accepting⁤ walk-ins for now. It‌ isn’t listed on the department’s‌ list of branches or ‌the eHome Affairs platform.

In 2022,‍ the department announced its plans to roll out a pilot⁣ to‌ offer smart⁢ ID card and passport‍ renewal​ services ⁢to more bank branches. Currently, there are 27 bank branches that are operational and⁣ available to service clients requiring‌ DHA services. The department ⁣aims ​to roll out to‍ a further 43 sites once the partnership agreements are signed. However, getting ⁢more banks to ⁤sign up⁤ their ​branches to⁢ offer such services has been slow due to concerns about extended periods of downtime.

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