The Benefits of Display Advertising: Indoor, Outdoor & Inflatables:

The Benefits of Display Advertising

Advertising is the key to a successful business; only a few advertisers allow indoor and outdoor display advertising. iDisplay is the only level 1 BEE which supplies indoor as well as outdoor branding solutions. It is based in South Africa, and you can check them out at

iDisplay has offices in major cities of South Africa like Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria to offer amazing quality branding material with speedy delivery and efficient and user-friendly customer service. They provide services like flag printing, indoor and outdoor branding and inflatables, which are explained in detail below as the display advertising facilities by iDisplay.

Indoor Branding:

iDisplay provides indoor branding in a wide variety from indoor flags to indoor signage, banners of multiple kinds, i.e. banner walls with curved sides or curved with wings, Standard banner walls with the choice of single sided or double sided banners or you can even choose a hanging banner and even more.

iDisplay also provides with indoor flag pools for the reception or your desk with the choice of two to three flags to be placed on the desk with a 2-pole or 3-pole base and a lot of variety of indoor branding provided by very few other branders.

iDisplay possesses over 18 products for indoor branding

Outdoor Branding:

As mentioned above, iDisplay not only focuses on indoor branding, but outdoor branding is also an essential focus for iDisplay. They provide with numerous products ranging from chairs, fence wraps, display banners to Gazebos of different quality frames made up of aluminium or steel and deluxe display banners of very high quality.

They possess over 14 products of outdoor branding of the highest quality as the exposure to weather is high in outdoor products; that is why the material is made to last.


iDisplay is not restricted to indoor and outdoor banners and products only.
They have a variety of inflatable branding products as well, which make them very unique in their business.

From high-quality inflatable banners, inflatable chairs and even Inflatable Gazebos of the highest quality and inflatable air tents for outdoor branding, iDisplay has everything you desire for the perfect branding and advertising opportunity.

Inflatable branding is the new marketing technique making it unique from outdoor branding and is being adopted by many people enthusiastic for increasing the sales of their businesses.


No one can expect their business to boom when they refuse to market and advertise their company and product, so that is where iDisplay come in handy with the best brand seller, based in Northriding, Johannesburg South Africa.

They have the best indoor, outdoor and inflatable display brands with a ton of variety to choose from, with quality of no question and timely delivery, iDisplay is surely setting standards with their friendly customer services as well. If you’re based in South Africa and wish for a reliable indoor and outdoor branding solution, then iDisplay is the way to go for you.

Visit iDisplay for more information:

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