Looking For The Best Drug Rehab Centre in South Africa?

Looking For The Best Drug Rehab Centre in South Africa

Substance use disorder is a debilitating disease that devastates individuals living with an active addiction and their close family and friends. Choosing the best drug rehab centre for your individual needs is essential for lasting recovery. A comprehensive treatment programme and caring environment gives you a fighting chance to heal and live a full life free of drugs.

Recovery Centre at White River offers a professional three-month addiction treatment programme at an affordable price. The centre was established in 2015 and is located in a tranquil setting on the outskirts of White River. The picturesque town is the gateway to the safari hub of South Africa and popular tourist destinations in the country. It’s a perfect location for day excursions to heal mind, body and soul.

Our team of addiction care specialists focuses on building a solid foundation for physical and emotional growth and long-term recovery from drug addiction. Your treatment plan is tailored to your specific addiction and integrates tried-and-tested and science-based therapeutic methods.

Daily exercise, healthy meals, talk therapy, and holistic activities underpin our whole-body approach to delivering the best drug addiction treatment programme in South Africa. You’re kept busy with individual and group meetings with your counsellor, mindfulness meditation, art and music therapy, equine therapy, teambuilding, volleyball games, swimming in the pool, and leisurely nature walks.

Why choose Recovery Centre at White River

Three-month programme

Recovery Centre at White River is one of the best drug rehab centres in South Africa because of our comprehensive approach to long-term inpatient addiction treatment. We offer a three-month programme because it offers the most successful outcome for individuals with chronic drug addiction, but the choice is yours; you can stay for a month or as long as you need.

Best Drug Rehab Centre in South AfricaDedicated addiction care team

Everyone who stays at Recovery Centre at White River is adopted by a dedicated team that includes a specialist addiction psychologist, experienced counsellors, holistic therapists and caring staff. A psychiatric clinic in the area provides support for medical detox and care.

Comprehensive addiction treatment programme

Drug addiction treatment has come a long way, and the world knows more about the disease than it did in our parents’ days. Our addiction specialists follow the science of addiction and incorporate the latest thinking and psychotherapy techniques into an individualised treatment programme, such as cognitive and dialectal behaviour therapy.

Spiritual healing

Recovery Centre at White River offers the 12-Step programme, which has stood the test of time and proven to be successful for many people around the world. We focus on spiritual healing without a religious context, and whole-body healing comes in many forms when you stay with us. It may be peaceful moments in our tranquil garden, hiking or biking in beautiful surroundings, or a leisurely game drive in Kruger Park.

Aftercare support

Aftercare support is key to our treatment philosophy. We understand that Recovery Centre offers a safe and nurturing environment, but maintaining sobriety when you leave us is challenging. Your counsellor helps you craft an aftercare plan for your individual needs and stays in touch to reinforce the tools you were given for long-term recovery.

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Find us in the country

Recovery Centre at White River is located in a lush countryside setting in Mpumalanga, South Africa. We’re a scenic half-hour drive from Kruger National Park and the famous Panorama Route; and a 1-hour flight or four-hour drive from Johannesburg. Recovery Centre offers a pick-up and drop-off service from the local airport and OR Tambo International Airport.

How can we help?

Contact us today for a confidential chat with one of our highly-trained addiction professionals at Recovery Centre at White River in South Africa.

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