The Biggest Lotteries in the World

The Biggest Lotteries in the World

Unlike many other games we have access to nowadays, it is clear that the lottery is a pure game of chance. Many people dream of winning the lottery, but they don’t consider themselves lucky enough. Even if they do, they simply never remember to buy a lottery ticket.

Then there’s another group of people who think they have a chance and want to buy a ticket, but don’t know which lottery to choose among many offers. In this article, you will find a list of the largest lottery payouts in the world to make your decision easier.

Biggest lottery payouts
Lottery Record win Rand value
PowerBall (US) $1.586 billion R23 billion
MegaMillions (US) $1.537 billion R22.62 billion
SuperEnaLotto (IT) €140 million R2.65 billion
EuroJackpot (EU) €90 million R1.53 billion
EuroMillions (EU) €71 million R1.46 billion


When the term lottery is mentioned, the USA, as well as the rest of the world, instantly thinks of the Powerball. Indeed, the minimum jackpot worth R584 million sounds interesting, while the record jackpot of R23 billion will most definitely knock you off your feet.

Some will try to knock down the story of the largest ever jackpot by mentioning the fact that it didn’t all go to one person only. While it is true that the total amount was split in three, you can’t deny that it is still a lot of money to acquire without actually working for it.

The rules of the game require choosing any 5 main numbers between 1 and 69, plus one Powerball number between 1 and 26 for every purchased ticket. Moreover, the number of rollovers allowed is unlimited.

A hint to start with is that, in the last ten years, the number 20 has appeared regularly.

Mega Millions

Another American best-known lottery is Mega Millions, which had a second-largest jackpot after the Powerball. However, if we look at it from the perspective of a winner, it might as well be the largest one.

Namely, in 2018, a Mega Millions jackpot went over R14 billion and kept on climbing. When the lucky numbers came out, there was only one person holding the winning ticket and got the full amount of the prize.

In conclusion, although the full amount of the Powerball biggest ever jackpot was bigger, the winner of the Mega Millions biggest jackpot ended up with more money.

Talking about the winning ticket, it is good to stay tuned about the results of the lottery in case you cannot follow the draw at that particular moment. In the above-mentioned case, the lottery organizers had a hard time finding the lucky winner. After a few months, they came forward just in time to claim the prize. Yet, if they had missed the deadline, they wouldn’t have been eligible to get their money anymore.


Since it cannot play on the popularity card like the American Powerball, EuroMillions decided to attract the European players in a more tempting way — a jackpot that goes up to R1.46 billion.

Five numbers between 1 and 50 need to be guessed, as well as two Lucky Stars numbers between 1 and 12.

In addition to this, the lottery offers 12 more prize divisions.

UK National Lottery

This lottery is held in the UK, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The range of numbers to choose from goes from 1 to 59. Choose any six numbers or one “Lucky Dip” that will be randomly selected to win.

One interesting thing about this lottery is the so-called “Must Be Won” draw. If this draw goes without anyone matching all six numbers, the jackpot is shared among all the cash winners.


Suited for Italian speakers, SuperEnalotto currently offers a jackpot of R305 million.

The good thing about this lottery is that the draw days differ slightly from other lotteries. SuperEnalotto is played on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and the numbers you can choose go from 1 to 90. Similar to other lotteries, it has several prize tiers.

One of the greatest single ticket wins happened in 2016 with the amount of R2.65 billion.


In case you choose this Brazillian lottery, you might be able to enjoy the Carnival in Rio to the fullest. Mega-Sena is the largest lottery in Brazil and the jackpot right now goes to R123 million.

Along with the main prize, which is the result of correctly guessing all 6 numbers, there are also prizes for correctly selecting 4 or 5 numbers.


Listening to all the stories of the lucky winners gives you a feeling that you never know what a new day brings. Even though it is probably a wonderful feeling to win a lot of money without putting any effort into it, remember what we’ve told you before — it is only a game of chance.

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