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Technology is shaping the world, and humans are trying their best to introduce sustainable products to the environment and can last a long time. COVID-19 has bound us to maintain social distance and keep safety precautions like wearing masks. So, the mask manufacturing industry is also getting help from the modern era’s technology. For instance, Creative Technology Development Company Limited accepts innovative ideas to bring hygienic and pure products to the market, like a Biotech Mask.

What are biotech masks?

Biotechnology uses organisms and living systems to manufacture products with technology that are beneficial and efficient to humans. Biotech masks are produced with effective biotechnology that not only protects you and resists air contaminants but also destroys them inside the cover, ensuring your safety and reuse of the mask.

Biotech masks are designed under the close inspection of professionals with specific technology from Hong Kong that provide comfortability and can be worn for long periods. The effectiveness of these masks is ensured to reduce contagion between individuals, which makes them perfect for the COVID pandemic. Moreover, their durable sheets limit airborne diseases and become perfect unique masks for personal protection.

Why is there a need for biotech masks?

Masks are part of the essential equipment required for medical staff. Healthcare providers, doctors, and the general public are easily attacked by infection and viruses without enough masks. However, with the COVID-19, everyone has to wear a mask to protect themselves from the virus attack. The sudden demand for masks at a massive level created a shortage in the market. To ensure the safety of the public and healthcare staff, masks manufacturing industries were looking for ways to balance the supply and demand.

The need for masks is not bound to COVID-19 presence; Coronavirus is here to inform us all that masks will be the essential requirements in the future too. So, we need to know the importance that masks are now part of our everyday life. At the start of COVID, manufacturers made a variety of masks, and each one was better than the other. People are spending a lot of money on masks to ensure their safety, but it’s expensive to use a mask and dispose of it after a single use. So, biotech masks are their lifesaving way that can be used for a longer time and comes under budget.

The need for biotech masks is also important because billions of face masks are manufactured through those raw materials, which are poorly sustainable for the environment. Moreover, their non-degradable raw material is becoming a significant cause of pollution and environmental damage. So, the best way to ensure the safety of humans, as well as the environment, is to manufacture masks that are derived from sustainable raw materials and assure better efficiency than conventional masks.

Biotech masks have significant importance in the industry as they are stemmed from wheat gluten biopolymer, which is then turned into nanofiber membranes with the help of electro-spun technology. Nanofiber membranes serve as filters and protect individuals from airborne diseases. Additionally, nanofibers with lanosol (a natural substance) give more resistance against infection and viruses. So, the production of biotech masks will protect us from the transmission of disease, limit environmental pollution, and last longer.  Government of HKSAR is also playing a huge part in this campaign and supporting all biotech companies.

Why Creat B?

Creative Technology Development Co. Ltd. worked for years to develop a commodity that can be easily used in daily life necessities. Oliver Chiu, Chief Technology Officer, with his dedicated coworkers successfully formulated Creat B, a chelated bismuth ionic coating technology. Creat B offers a safe and healthy life to all humans by combining biotechnology and laundry to manufacture biotech facemasks. During the pandemic situation, when everyone was trying to make their surroundings clean, we combined ion antibacterial masks and anti-virus products to develop a biotech mask that is more sustainable and can be used for a long time as compared to other conventional masks.

Here you may have the question of how Creat B can make masks effective than others? So, Chelated bismuth ions have an effective and better photocatalyst effect than conventional photocatalysts, and Creat B photocatalysts can activate bactericidal effects faster than others. Creative Technology Development Co. Ltd conducted scientific research and upgraded the washing technology by inaugurating chelated bismuth ions into the fabric fibers. This method allowed a plain piece of fabric to turn into a three-dimension sterilization tool that improves the durability of the fabric as well as makes it protective against infections.

Can we wash biotech masks?

Absolutely, biotech masks are designed for a prolonged usage period. You can wash the outer part of the mask in the washing machine at low temperature and wipe out the mask’s inner surface with a soft, damp cloth. However, don’t use chemicals while washing the mask.


The following are some of the most common and beneficial features of biotech masks:

  • They are more sustainable to the environment and limit pollution.
  • They are more effective than other conventional masks.
  • They come on budget and can be reused.
  • They are derived from endurance raw materials that are more active against infection and viruses.
  • They are comfortable and perfect for personal protection from airborne diseases.
  • They can balance the demand and supply as they can be used for a prolonged period.

Bottom line

The masks have become a part of necessity after the COVID-19, and biotech masks are the perfect way to fight against the pandemic and be prepared for the future. They are made of raw materials that are highly efficient and active against viruses and infections, as well as more sustainable to the environment, limiting pollution. Disposing of the masks after single-use can be surprisingly expensive; however, the biotech masks can be used for a more extended period. They are made of durable material, so you can wear them for long hours without damaging your skin.

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