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Astro Brake

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628 Frank Road Bardene East Rand Mall, Gauteng

Brake Repairs – Faulty Brakes

Are your brakes failing on you? Do you need brake repairs?

You might need brake repairs if those brakes are trying to tell you something with the sound that they are making.
Did you know that brakes are the most frequently changes parts on your car?
It is also the most important part, because if you can’t stop…

Listen closely to your brakes because they could be telling you this:
  • A Sticking Brake Pedal occurs when the pedal fails to release. This could indicate a faulty master cylinder.
  • Noisy Brakes make a squeaking sound. This could indicate worn brake pads or linings.
  • Locking Brakes occur when your brakes grab or lock when you apply only light pressure. Check it right away.

It’s best to get your brakes checked by our technicians if you notice anything that is out of the norm when it comes to your brakes or braking habits. At Astro Brake and Clutch Centre we do brake repairs while you wait. We are also great at clutch repairs because these go hand-in-hand with your brakes. We specialise in brake repairs and clutch repairs so let us get you back on the road safely again.

Our Show Up Service:

The industry standard suggests that brake pads and fluid should be inspected every 15 000km. Our Show Up Service allows you to drive into our fitment centre and have your vehicle’s braking system assessed. Depending on the severity of the problem, we can fix or refit your brakes on the spot or make a scheduled arrangement to resolve the issue as soon as possible. It is crucial for your safety to have your brakes assessed. The discovery of a problem when you need to use them to stop at the red light might be too late. Brakes work on the principle of friction to stop your car, and this causes normal wear and tear. Consequently, brakes are one of the most frequently replaced parts of a car.

Our Quick Fit Service:

Problems can occur when you least expect them. When it comes to your car’s brakes and safety, sometimes you cannot afford to put off fixing things to a more a convenient time. Our Quick Fit Service specifically to cater to this since we hold a wide range of stock for the more common found cars. While you wait, your car’s brakes are fitted by our technicians quickly and conveniently. Thus making the drive to your next destination more relaxed and secure.

Our Trusted Service:

All components and workmanship by Astro Brake and Clutch are guaranteed against defects or faulty workmanship from the date of fitment for 6 months or 20 000km. Unless otherwise specified by the component manufacturer. This does not include normal wear, abuse or misuse. We reserve the right to consult with the manufacturer on any claim when a complaint or dispute is lodged.

You are welcome to make an appointment or get a quote via our website. Get in touch with us today for a safer journey

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Phone: 0118267000

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