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Natural Living Spa and Wellness Center

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Natural Living Spa & Wellness Centre Block C, 42a Grobler Street, Limpopo

To start off with, our facilities are beautifully designed, and inspired by the lush greenery of a Limpopo bushveld, so as to offer a getaway atmosphere form the rush of everyday life. To accompany this, we offer a selection of delectable cuisines and drinks to enjoy while you soak up your gorgeous surroundings.

If that’s not enough, our staff is highly trained and qualified by internationally recognised standards, offering all of the best and latest techniques in services such. Our incredible experiences have earned us a stellar reputation and multiple awards and accolades such as the PMR Africa Arrow Award and the Les Nouvelles Ethetiques Award, just off the top of our heads. We encourage you to come and visit us and experience the magic of Polokwane Spa for yourself. We can guarantee that you will be so relaxed and rejuvenated that you’ll be back before you know it. After all, there’s a reason we’re not he second-most visited spa in Polokwane.

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Phone: +27826165674

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