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Stellenbosch, South Africa, Western-Cape
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Closed-circuit television, better known as CCTV, allows you to monitor your properties. It is the most convenient yet effective way to keep an extra eye on your prized possessions. CCTV Cameras are very important in monitoring some places in particular to prevent theft, and for businesses, control inventory and to maximize productivity.


We also specialise in outdoor and indoor CCTV Systems. The primary distinction between indoor and outdoor security cameras is the ability to withstand harsher external elements. Indoor cameras are smaller, lightweight, and are usually far less intrusive than their bulkier outdoor counterparts.


CCTV systems can act as a huge deterrent to criminals, especially when it comes to pre-planned crimes. This means that thieves are much less likely to target your home, helping keep your belongings secure and increase the safety of your family. To make the most of your CCTV, clearly advertise its presence on your property to ensure that unwanted guests stay well away.

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