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FuCon Consulting

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FuCon PTY (LTD) is a multi disciplined enterprise which specializes in outsourcing of Engineering/Drafting, Project Management, Information Technology and Marketing for individual, small/medium businesses and corporations.

  • With over 15 years combined experience in multiple fields, we can easily identify and rectify a problem.
  • Professional service at cost efficient prices.
  • Various business consulting packages available which suits your budget.
  • Saving cost on permanent employment and expensive equipment, software and training.
  • Our team of professionals and perfectionists will help your business grow and achieve milestones easier and quicker, while keeping you in the lead of your competitive market.
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Outsourcing some, or all, of your drawing office production to CADworX gives you access to a highly flexible resource that integrates with your business and puts you in full control of the workflow.
  • Maintaining a high standard in your drawings doesn’t just improve accuracy and reduce on-site issues, it also says a great deal about your company to those parties you share your documents with.
  • Photo-realistic 3D visualization and 3D modelling transforms an idea or 2D design into an easy-to-understand, high-impact image that enables clients to view and understand their design in a more tangible way. Mechanical services, architectural details or concept designs can be created in any varying measure of detail, from a basic `clay’ type image to full photo-realistic detail with texture and depth. This cost-effective technology brings the design to life and greatly facilitates communications with clients and other design team members during the tender and design stages of a project.
  • Access to 3D printers can bring out the design from a 3D model to real life concept which can be used for proposals and sales.
  • Patent ready designs.
  • We support Mechanical (R&D) department and deal with clients relating to projects and creating new business opportunities.
  • We are very passionate to work on latest technology.
  • You can find our talent in uniquely Product design, customer relationship, CAD/CAM/CAE Services.

Our Services:

- CAD/CAM/CAE Services
- Product Design
- Sheet metal design
- Mechanical Design
- Manufacturing design
- Product 3D modeling
- FEA (Finite Element Analysis) analysis
- Motion simulation and animation
- 2D engineering drawing
- Piping & Cabling Design
- Technical Writing

Contact Information
Phone: 0726002437

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