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Steel fabrication and manufacturing, welding, boiler making, galvanizing, grating and more

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Brakpan, South Africa, Gauteng

Thula Michail provides a range of specialist engineering services to a diverse range of engineering industries all over South Africa. We are one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of Steal Products, Construction and Components, which are used in various industries. Our Scope of work range from the manufacturing and/or the distribution of Mechanical Seals, Packing/Seals, to Industry Engineering in Power Generation, Steel, Paper and Mining. We are a supplier and installer of high quality, including but not limited to; Fencing, Decking, Gates, Sheds, Disabled Access Ramps, Garages, etc. We supply and install for Domestic, Commercial and Agricultural markets.

Main focus:

Custom, Efficient Steel Fabrication Across South Africa.
Thula Michail is a South African company, specializing in the fabrication and manufacturing of welded steel pipes, steel works and steel construction and serves across Southern Africa.

*All steel work and fabrication
*Mechanical Engineering
*MPI Inspection
*Steel fabrication
*Pumps and sealants
*Water pipelines
*Dam walls
*pump Sealants
*Steel manufacturing
*Cooler trailers
*Container Homes
*Wheelchair ramps

We also manufacture and distribute high performing sealing devices which includes: pump and valve packing and pump sealants.

​We offer competitive rates with no hidden costs. Our friendly and professional staff will assist every step of the way.Our advanced, renowned, patent packings, provide benefits like Automatic Lubrication feed to shaft, Elastomeric square silicone with memory to accommodate shaft whip, Considerable water reduction, High leakage and emission control, the ability to operate at high pressures and speeds, and resistance to process chemicals and the reduction of sleeve and stem scoring. This in turn saves you money and machine down-time.

Our unique elastomeric memory foam in packing distinguish us from our competitors, due to the elastomeric memory foam layer in the packing, keeping and returning to its original form and shape during and after every single use. Making our Packing cost effective, durable and reducing machine shut-down time. Our Special in-house developed lubricant is cost saving through appreciable less expenditure on maintenance, as the result of better packing life and rational shock-keeping.

Our Patented Gland Packing Seals ® are unique due to:
Special in-house developed AUTOMATIC Lubrication feed to shafts.
Elastomeric square silicone with excellent Memory, accommodate shaft whip
Ease of Installation and no gland modification
Finger tight gland adjustment

Our Patent Gland Packin​g ® is designed for Plant Standardization.
- Ideal for Slurry and abrasive applications.
- Good temperature capabilities.
- Excellent shaft speed coverage.
- Excellent high pressure applications.
- 100% Chemical range.
0833730119 Gunter or 0824441774 Frans

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Phone: 0833730119

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