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Physio Billing

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334 Selikats Causeway, Faerie Glen, Pretoria, South Africa, Gauteng

Physio billing codes, billing & accounts can be quite tricky. Physio Billing provides you with all the solutions that you need to bill your private practice patients. We are based in Pretoria, but we offer a total online practice management software solution, paperless, effortless from people that understand what Physiotherapist need to bill from medical aids.

Physio Billing helps Professional Physiotherapists submit medical aid claims and manage your cash-flow by ensuring you are paid for your valuable hard work. It all starts with medical aid registrations at all the South African Medical aids, then registration on our practice management software. Your patients fills in an online form with all the necessary consent forms and legal requirements. Our system captures your patient data and kept secure. As you submit your billing codes and diagnostic codes, we have all the info to submit a claim to your patients' medical aid.

Our Practice management software is a collection of Google applications, each one providing its intricate part of the billing process. Like you've realized by now that there's no singular system that can change and mold like the way you want it. Well, that's why we use a group of different apps to tailor it to your needs. We don't force you to study software management manuals. We show you how to get the best results in the shortest time possible.

Imagine your Admin/ billing time is less than 30 minutes. Our Prices are percentage based on your Turnover, whether you're making R10 000 or R90 000 per month, precentage based payments fluctuates with the volume of work - just makes sense. See our details about our Pricing structure here.

Our billing solutions is a group of Admin personnel that dedicate their time to settle your accounts. From collecting your private liability accounts to practice health reports. We offer a complete paperless system for your Physio practice's medical aid claims. We're the only billing bureau that only focuses on Physiotherapist in South Africa.

New Physio Practice?

Don't set up yourself for failure. Don't want to make the same mistakes other practices already made, want to know how & what to do...

Partner with a Professional group that can guide and help you build a healthy practice. Whether you're only seeing 5 patients a week. We want to help you grow. Even more so you don't have the money and resources to afford an admin staff. This is where most practice's fail. If you're not spending time to grow your Physio practice, don't expect people to just pitch up. We are veterans in the Physiotherapy industry. We know what works. The best Physio Practice management system.

Don't know how Physiotherapist billing works? We'll show you what works & what to be careful for. Get the help you deserve.

Call us today and just ask us what we're all about.

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Phone: 0645454496

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