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Gnomes – Stubble Gnubbles

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27 Aqua avenue, Limpopo
  1. The Stubble Gnubbles are adorable little characters, handmade with love and care by a mother and daughter. Traditionally known as nordic gnomes they are characterized by oversized , usually pointy, hats that make only their noses stick out and loads of fluffy hair or beard.

    They look great in homes, offices, kids rooms, class rooms and well, just about everywhere! They also make great gifts!

    Each Stubble Gnubble is unique and has its own personality.

    Spread a little joy by adopting a Stubble Gnubble for your home, office or for a friend!

    Fun Facts:
    🦳Stubble Gnubbles spend a lot of time brushing their hair and beards, so don't get them wet.
    👀Stubble Gnubbles can't see very well.
    👃But they have super sniffers!
    ❤Each Stubble Gnubble has a heart inside its plumply stuffed body.
    🧵Stubble Gnubbles are carefully sewn and handstitched.
    🐇Animal fur is NOT used to make the Stubble Gnubbles. (yay!)
    🤎🖤🤍 Just like the beautiful variety found in nature, Stubble Gnubbles come in all skin tones, need a different skin tone for a Stubble Gnubble you want? just ask!
    🧸Stubble Gnubbles are made with beads, and other small parts that could be swallowed by kids, pets or odd adults... they are not toys but decor.
    📏Stubble Gnubbles mostly come in 3 sizes. When measured from tip of hat to bum (legs not included in measurements) the lengths are roughly : Large - 50cm
    Medium - 40cm and Small - 30cm. However, some Stubble Gnubbles have curved, floppy or different shaped hats that will influence these heights, so they will still be classified into each of these categories based on bum size.
    🇿🇦Stubble Gnubbles can be sent anywhere in South Africa. (Free delivery in Tzaneen, Hoedspruit and Phalaborwa)

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Phone: 0615307983

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