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Steady Power Battery Pack Specialist

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Summerville Avenue, Parsons Vlei, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Eastern Cape

Full Service Custom Battery Pack Builder
We are a full service custom battery pack builder, with extensive experience with Lithium ion, Lithium polymer, Nickel metal hydride, Nickel cadmium, lithium primary and alkaline battery packs and assemblies.

We offer the latest in battery technologies including the ability to label, shrink wrap, custom terminate or enclose in plastic.

Portable Tool Rebuild Services
Instead of buying new battery packs for your tools or equipment, why not have them rebuilt?
Is your battery no longer available, but you don't want to just throw away a perfectly good drill? Let us help you! Most of the time, our rebuild capacities are equal to, or greater, than the original. This also comes at a fraction of the cost of buying a new pack, in most cases.
There are some battery packs that can't be rebuilt. If the case for your battery pack is glued together, the chances are, it is not able to be rebuilt.
​Contact us if you are unsure if your battery pack is rebuild-able.
If your pack is held together with clips or screws, we can help you.

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Phone: 0836666705

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