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Kaching Financial Services

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86 Smit Avenue, Adamayview, Klerksdorp, South Africa, North West

Kaching in South Africa's No1. Choice in Online Unsecured Loans.

Apply at

Our online lending process has one major differentiation and this is to eliminate the need to travel and sit and listen to a sales pitch in order to obtain a loan. After all, why would you want to waste precious time and money for something you need now. So there is no need to queue for a loan when you follow our 60 second online loan application at

Not convinced yet? Test it for yourself and you can opt out any any stage. Once again ladies and gents when taking a loan, you have rights, as after all you are the consumer. You are the client and the client is king, so no need to feel bad when cancelling anywhere during the application process even after you have signed on the dotted line you have 5 days in which to say NO, I made a mistake or this isn’t the right option for me.

  • Can I apply at any time: Yes
  • Is your service available on Google: Yes
  • Do you have a Facebook page where I can message you: Yes
  • Do you have a client service or support desk: Yes
  • Can I apply from my PC at work: Yes
  • Any what about my phone: Yes, if you have access to the internet.
  • What if I have a query can I contact Kaching: Yes, all our contact details are on our website.

How long does the loan approval take: we attempt to do it within 24 hours but sometimes it could take longer depending how quickly you can submit documentation.

So how does the process work after I have applied.

  • You apply.
  • We send your info to our panel of lenders.
  • They do a pre-assessment and let us know whether you are eligible.
  • We contact you to let you know via email and sms.
  • They will then contact you to obtain documents and secure the loan agreement.

So let’s recap. Once we receive your application your details are forwarded to our panel of National unsecured loan providers for assessment depending on your credit need. Once a pre-online assessment is done in the background you will receive feedback in the form of an sms and email informing you whether your unsecured online loan pre-application was successful or not. Although we try our best to obtain a credit solution one must remember that every person’s credit score differs and this has a high impact on pre-online credit qualification.

Contact Information
Phone: +27827673025

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