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Management Services in Mauritius (setting up of bank accounts, trusts, offshore companies, funds)

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By way of introduction, Blue Azurite ltd is a company registered in Mauritius and licenced by the Financial Services Commission as a Management Company.

Our array of services include the following:

·         Advisory and Corporate Engineering

·         Setting up of offshore, domestic companies and trusts

·         Administration and Accounting for companies

·         Assistance to Work and Live in Mauritius (either through acquisition of properties or work permits)

·         Assistance to set up and administration of companies in other Jurisdictions

·         Retirement & Wealth Planning

·         Worldwide Trademark registration and border protection of intellectual property rights

·         Back-office services for overseas family offices

Key features achievable through Mauritius:

·         Double Taxation Treaties with 48 Countries

What this means in effect is that through the double taxation treaties, a foreigner can set up and operate a company in Mauritius (in businesses allowed by the laws of Mauritius) and thereafter pay tax in Mauritius only. Through the treaty, the foreigner can repatriate his/her/its profits to the country of origin without being taxed a second time. Should the individual or corporate body set up a company holding a global business licence 1 in Mauritius then its effective tax rate is a maximum of 3% (subject to there being a double taxation treaty between Mauritius and the country of origin of the investor)

·         Mauritius is signatory to several agreements regrouping most of the countries in the African continent (allowing for an ease of access and free trade in the African market)

The African Continent combined, is now recognised as one of the big players being so rich in resources. Many companies and individuals seek to expand their business globally by exploiting the very lucrative African market. As such, if they do so by channeling their business through Mauritius, they can export their goods to most countries of the African continent on a tax free basis since the COMESA and SADC agreements, to which Mauritius is a party to, allows for a Free Trade Area. Channeling investments through Mauritius should of course not be done only because Mauritius is party to those agreements. However, why we think Mauritius is the optimal transit location, is because it offers a much better stability, security and transparency that can be afforded in various countries of Africa. (It is often the case that supplier information is being stolen from African countries to create competitive businesses. This will not be the case if Mauritius is adopted as the investment platform since our business environment provides for a complete confidentiality and security of information.)

·         Tax Holiday Benefits (up to 8 years for certain types of companies)


·         No capital gains tax

Unlike other jurisdictions, Mauritius allows for a tax-free sale of properties.

·         No withholding Tax on dividend, interest and royalties paid to non-residents

This feature undoubtedly presents a competitive edge over other jurisdictions where dividends, interests and royalties are subject to taxation.

·         Secured Confidentiality

Secured confidentiality can be achieved through the incorporation of a company holding a category one or two business licence. In this way, except for the company name, no other information is available to the public domain without an express written authorization provided by the Directors of the company.

·         Maximum effective tax rate of 3% for a company holding a category one global business licence.

Through a Tax Residence Certificate (TRC), a company can benefit from tax credits which effectively render the tax payable by the Company to a maximum rate of 3%.

·         Ease of starting and doing business (incorporation of a domestic company within less than 48 hours)

Incorporation can be done within 24 hours however the certificate of incorporation may be issued the next day following the incorporation.

·         Stable political and economic environment


·         Convenient time zone and a skilled bilingual labour (English & French)


·         Presence of International Banks


·         Incredible opportunity for Film production companies

Through a new set of regulations implemented by the Government of Mauritius, film producers can now recoup up to 40%  of their qualifying production expenses as long as certain criterion are met. These regulations are an initiative by the government to create new sectors of the economy.


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