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29 Wargrave Rd, Kenilworth, Cape Town, South Africa, Western-Cape
Description: is a world-class international mental health service directory and information hub. We help you to easily find nearby services and enable therapists to build an online presence and publish their original content.

Therapists and organisations are encouraged to openly and honestly present themselves so that you can select the best possible fit for you. Fit continues to be a consistent outcome predictor in psychotherapy research across disciplines.

We hold in deep respect the sanctity of the psychotherapeutic relationship and the boundaries that this relationship requires. We also understand that the only aspect distinguishing a patient from a therapist is their respective roles in the therapeutic setting and that both patient and therapist do, in fact, inhabit both these roles at different times and in different contexts. No one is immune to the human condition, we are all vulnerable and, most importantly, we are all in this together. is an opportunity for mutual growth and we look forward to growing together.

Note: We choose the word 'patient' rather than 'client' people out of respect for the suffering that so often underpins the psychotherapeutic relationship and to remind us of the importance of compassion and uncompromising ethical integrity required in our work. We appreciate that as professionals we are all sometimes patients and sometimes providers. Neither is less than the other. has been in ongoing development since 2015. We do not charge for our services. The providers who list on our database do so independently. Please be in touch with them to discuss their fee structures.

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Phone: +27 83 742 0114

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