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Trauma Counselling

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Plot 122 Achilles Rd Zwavelpoort Pretoria East Gauteng, Gauteng

Trauma happens when a particularly distressing event is experienced, causing a deep psychological wound. And since these types of events don’t discriminate between age, gender, race, or financial status, it is clear that trauma is something that can happen to everyone. When it lingers, it becomes a mental health problem that often leads to the development of secondary issues, like depression and anxiety. When left untreated, the effects of trauma on quality of life can be devastating, overwhelming an individual to the point where basic tasks in day-to-day living is impossible. But there is no reason to suffer through this immense pain forever. Trauma and its consequences can be overcome. Trauma counselling is offered to those dealing with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) or other forms of trauma, so they can heal old wounds and restore balance to their wellbeing.

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Phone: 010 475 0150

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