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Urinary Tract Infection Treatment in Cape Town

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Netcare Christian Barnard Memorial Hospital, Suite 1620, c/o DF Malan St & Rua Bartholomeu Dias Plain, Foreshore, Cape Town, South Africa, Western-Cape

Urinary Tract Infection is caused by bacteria which is entered into the urinary system. Mostly its occur in the lower urinary tract, ie bladder, and urinary canal, slowly the infection cal progress to the upper tract and start affecting the kidneys. Obstructions urinary tract can also increase the risk of infection, while weakened urinary structures and immune system that are abnormally developed since birth can also put your child at risk, also Chronic constipation is another risk factor. UTI symptoms start with abdominal pain, urinating more frequently and a burning sensation during urination or in some cases, urine may appear bloody, dark or cloudy, and have a strong smell.

it is important to seek professional help as soon as possible as infections can worsen if they are left untreated If you think that your child may have a urinary tract infection. Mostly, UTIs can be treated with the use of antibiotics. In Netcare Hospital in cape town, we have best doctors for urinary tract who provides the best treatment in cape town.

For more information about urinary tract infection treatment in cape town, or making an appointment please contact Urology Cape Town specialists.

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