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Renodry South Africa

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126 Koornhof Road, Meadowdale, Germiston, South Africa, Gauteng

We believe in offering South Africans with Permanent Solutions for moisture problems such as Rising Damp, Penetrating Damp, and a host of moisture concerns that plagues properties and buildings we supply High Quality building and renovation products that come from different parts of the globe that in the long run saves South Africans from having to outlay over and over again. Our core mentally is to do it right first time and not having to look at it again or at least for a very, very long time.

Our Rising Damp System is the latest technology which consists of two parts:

Firstly we install the Renodry Dehydration Device that naturally dehydrates the affected walls which in the long run provides your property with an indefinite, cocoon protection from any possibility of future Rising Damp.

With the Renodry Dehydration Device moisture will naturally migrate downward back into the ground as well as laterally out of the walls and so as a minimal requirement it is important that the remediation plaster does not block the walls from allowing this moisture migration to occur.

With the second part of the Rising Damp System we apply our High Quality plaster which has perfect breathability which in no way blocks the walls but in fact assists with this dehumidifying process. Furthermore it is highly resistant to salt, mould, mildew and is water repellent. It's strength is such that in most cases it has been known to stops hydrostatic pressure, pressurized water, and flooding in the basement. Tested according to German Standards DIN V 18550 / DIN EN 998-1, mortar group CS IV.

Our Rising Damp permanent solution is as simple as that.

For other moisture problems we have state-of-the-art Nanotechnology Protective Water Repellent products for just about any material surfaces as well as Anti-Slipping protective products for showers and bathtubs.

High quality renovation and building products for your property or building means increased property value with less costs in the long run.

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Phone: 0676566585

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