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Let me do the cleaning (Supco)

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44 Boundary Road, Linton Grange, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Eastern Cape
Sup20 plus an excellent liquid alkaline detergent for general maintenance and floor cleaning.It is suitable to use in food preparation areas.
Sup20 Plus easily removes light oils and grease,household soils,body fat,dust and other soils making it ideal Food plant and light industrial multi- purpose cleaning agent.
Sup20 Plus is save to be used on Tarpaulins,aluminum and other soft metals.
Sup50 Heavy Duty is an alkaline,solvent content water based degreaser,designed for all industries where heavy duty cleaning is required.The product is formulated to cut through heavy oil,grease and other carbonaceous deposits from concrete steel and other surfaces to allow quick efficient cleaning.
Sup50 Heavy Duty has no flash point,gives off no objectionable odours and has excellent rinsing properties that minimize streaking and spotting.
What I love about this product is how easy it is to clean with there is not a lot of "elbow grease" required,so that makes it wonderful,and it is only the two bottles you need to clean everything in your house for the kitchen to the garage.
I have married couples fighting with each other as to who is going to take the bottles with them for that day.
I promise you there is nothing like this product on the market.
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Phone: 062 194 8593

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