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KwaZulu Natal
KwaZulu Natal
Westville, South Africa, KwaZulu Natal

CTW Consulting is a Durban based full service investigations and consulting firm offering a comprehensive range of options including various investigations and other services. Our services have been retained by numerous corporate companies and private persons.

Our team has years of experience within the SA Police Service, insurance industry, security industry, other private organisations and have hands on experience in the investigation of both commercial and conventional crime as well as valuable experience in interviewing and interrogation, the gathering of admissible evidence and the presentation of evidence in court and Judicial processes.

We approach our clients concerns with a dynamic and innovative approach where our investigations are conducted with professionalism, confidentiality, integrity and the aim to achieve successful results as well as view to recover losses and prevent a recurrence of similar activities and at the same time never losing sight of what’s best for our client.

We also believe in working closely with our clients, providing appropriate, proficient and cost effective support to our clients, guaranteeing honesty of our services and reports.

Our clients range from amongst others:

• Large corporate entities

• The Logistics, freight and transport sector

• Financial institutions

• Hospitality and leisure groups

• Educational facilities

Although we are Durban based we can conduct our services nationally.
We look forward to an opportunity to prove our value to both you and your company.

CTW Consulting conducts the following Services:


Forensic investigations
The word Forensic is described as the scientific knowledge or method used during the investigation of crimes to obtain evidence which will be accepted as admissible in a court of law.

Corporate Investigations
Corporate investigations are conducted within a Corporation or Business to uncover wrongdoing by employees, Management or even Third Parties where a balance of probabilities is required to prove the wrongdoing.

Criminal Investigations
Criminal investigations are conducted for the purpose of obtaining evidence which would be admissible in a court of law in order to prove beyond reasonable doubt the guilt of a person suspected of having committed a crime listed within the Criminal Procedure Act.

Civil Investigations
Civil investigations are conducted to uncover and obtain evidence which may be necessary for a civil legal matter.

Financial Assessment Investigations
Financial Investigations are conducted in order to determine the financial position of a business or person or other entities.

Background Investigations
Background Investigations are conducted in order to establish more information about an individual or business entity.

Surveillance can be conducted to keep observation of a person or place in order to obtain specific information.


CTW Consultants can provide well trained and effective undercover agents to be placed amongst your workforce and assist in obtaining intelligence relating to misconduct whilst providing your company with one of the most cost effective and efficient ways of obtaining such intelligence.


CTW Consulting through the use of our various electronic and other databases as well as other various methods can assist with the process of pre employment screening for job applicants giving a company peace of mind that they have selected the correct applicant and have minimised risk to the company.


Polygraph examination is a fantastic investigative tool which can assist in determining whther someone is lying or being truthful and can assist in eliminating or including pertsons or employess in an investigation.

Polygraph testing can be conducted at our or the clients offices.

Polygraph tests can be used for the following:

Pre Employment Testing

Incident related testing

Routine testing


Electronic surveillance allows the monitoring of a premises or person with the use of electronic devices such as cameras, audio devices and GPS tracking devices etc. It gives you a complete picture of what is happening at a specific place and virtually allows you to be in two places at the same time.

CTW Consulting can assist with the following electronic surveillance methods:

Vehicle Tracking

Bugging & De Bugging (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures)

Covert (Hidden Cameras)


CTW Consulting can assist in:

• The Compilation of charge sheets, suspension letters,
• Briefing of witnesses and
• Case Management
• Providing independent chairpersons for internal hearings
• Evaluating and assistance with the compiling of internal disciplinary policies and procedures


Tracing and Associated Services

Tracing provides a wide range of services and can include:
• Witness tracing
• Debtor tracing
• Third Party tracing
• Asset tracing

Contact Information
Phone: 0832260675

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