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Wedding photographer

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57 Nemesia road, Eastern Cape

“You have secured an ideal venue, are collaborating with a planner who anticipates your every need.

 Your decor, dress, flowers, and cake can all look perfect on the day , but it's the skillful shooting, expert lighting, thoughtful composition, and the fly-on-the-wall discretion that will shape your memories of the day as you look back on your wedding.

My desire is to create imagery that captures the essence of my couples and their style. I envision that moment when you're sitting with your grand kids years down the road, looking back at your wedding images and reliving the experience with them–and the joy they will feel to see you smiling at each other.

 I am a passionate wedding and portrait photographer based in the Eastern Cape.My shooting style is artistic and intimate in nature. I try to capture emotion and create photographs that are evocative and timeless”

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Phone: 0797212033

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