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Hyde Park Corner, Jan Smuts Avenue, Hyde Park, Johannesburg 2196, South Africa, Gauteng

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This is Virgule, where anything can happen.


Today Virgule resembles a gallery to edgy, luxury fashion.

A boutique of coup de coeur items.

A concept space where you’re invited to explore handcrafted artwork.


This is a universe of l’esprit du temps, where you’ll fall in love with exquisite once-off pieces of pure fashion art. Where you’ll make them your own.


Virgule is a place of movement and flux. Our store, its brands, its categories – everything is fluid.


Today, Virgule offers an impeccably curated collection of pieces handpicked from around the world, sourced from an evolving niche of hip, happening designers.


It is the must-visit boutique in Claremont, Cape Town and Hyde Park, Johannesburg.


Each unique item – brogue, sneaker, scarf, handbag, pair of sunglasses, item of furniture, ceramic artwork – is selected to stretch the imagination and to provoke euphoria.


Today, Virgule is the luxe fashion space you’ve been searching for.


Tomorrow, who knows?





If you’re inspired by the ever-changing cosmos of design; by the limitless possibilities of global travel; by the mystery of art…


Welcome to Virgule.


Virgule is not a shop.


It is a haven for the discerning. For the deeply curious. For those who seek individualism in what they wear, what they carry, how they express themselves.


It is a destination for hunters of beautiful things. Connoisseurs with their fingers on the world pulse.


For those who dare to be unique. And to discover. For those who pursue only the best: the masterfully created, the carefully selected, the faultlessly crafted.


Encounter pieces that articulate graphic vignettes, rich textures, and imaginative moods. Experience an effervescent augmentation to your contemporary wardrobe.


We’re inspired by the virgule, the comma: that perfect punctuation mark that opens the door to the unexpected; infuses life with rhythm, meaning and intensity.


Our designer boutiques are founded and owned by global style-seeker, Marinda Lakhnati. They are part of a new breed of global luxury; of “the art, which washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”.


Our seasonal range includes: Arteslab, Trippen, Ixos, Mialuis, Megumi Ochi Puro, Vic Matie, Fausto Santini, Fakoshima, Polini, Candice Cooper, FakbyFak, Marsell, One of Those, Diana Garreau, Halmanera, Pedro Garcia, and ArteM.


Who’ll be next? Watch this space…


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Phone: 081 309 0761

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