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Alwinco Independent Security Risk Assessment Consultancy

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380 Babiana, Gauteng

We provide the means and methods in which to proactively guard and secure fixed properties against crime. The necessary knowledge and relevant training are the keys to empowering individuals and organisations.

Alwinco is derived from: ALWays IN Control. We endeavor to provide our clients with Control of their security.  The conduction of a Security Risk Assessment achieves control and results in proactive crime prevention.

The Security Risk Assessment places you in a position to tell the security company what YOU want from them. In other words, you know what is needed to effectively minimize your risk.

Installing security on a property without a proper Security Risk Assessment is like driving without your lights on at night; you might arrive safely, but only by pure chance and doing this regularly, your luck will eventually run out.

The same applies to Security. You might be spared for a time, but, at some point, you won’t be so lucky anymore.

Alwinco is currently the only independent Security Risk Assessors on the African continent that can provide this unparalleled form of security examination, consultation and audit.

We are 100% independent as Alwinco is not affiliated with any Security Provider or Company. We receive no kickbacks or commissions from hardware purchased, installations, integrations or services.

Risk can often be eliminated by a change in behavior, routine or increased awareness and not always necessarily by new, expensive security equipment or more Security Officers.

Why do you need an Independent Security Risk Assessment?

You need to understand why Security fails.

Security does not only consist of the purchasing, installation and implementation of security hardware. Security is also knowledge. Knowledge is possibly the biggest part of security.

The goal at the end of the day remains to identify all weaknesses, risks, vulnerabilities, deficiencies and even excesses within your physical security.

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Phone: 0623413419

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