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Guardsafe Technology

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  1. Intruder enters the area.
  2. Motion viewer senses the motion and turns on the video stream.
  3. The video stream records a 10 second clip.
  4. The motion viewer transmits the video clip by cell signal to the Internet.
  5. The Internet sends the video clip to our Central Station.
  6. Our Central Station operators verify that the clip shows a legitimate intrusion (for example, a person in the clip, not a cat).
  7. Central Station reports this verified intrusion to the proper authorities with law enforcement.
  8. Law enforcement dispatches immediately because the call is verified
  9. Law enforcement arrives on site on average 7 minutes after the first clip is verified (as opposed to roughly 40+ minutes for unverified calls)
  10. Law enforcement apprehends the intruder.
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Phone: 0676552629

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