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Copyandco Freelance Copywriter

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Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, Western-Cape

Copy & Co is a Cape Town based Freelance Copy writing Agency.  Content is indeed king in the world of Search Engine Optimisation, and the reasons are clear. It generates traffic to your site from users looking for valuable information.

Increase sales through establishing your expertise

Your how-to articles and business blogs in your specialty field will fill a valuable void and help to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Visitors will eagerly devour your content and return to your site for updates. You can continue to build this relationship by creating a newsletter using RSS feeds to which visitors will subscribe.

Over time, you will be known as the “go to” person for your particular niche, and this earned trust will enable you to translate hits to your website into sales conversions for your particular product or specialty. Only through continually updated fresh content in the form of well-written articles and business blogging will you keep them coming back for more.

Get more business through referral-based long-tail marketing

Not only will this traffic come from content that targets the main keywords visitors use in their Internet searches, but from more indirect means as well. In the past few years, for example, a phenomenon in Internet marketing has emerged known as “long tail” keyword searches. These are not the main keywords for which there is intense competition, but rather the lesser known, niche-oriented keywords that provide indirect links back to your site.

An example of long tail marketing is Searching for specific book titles in this site will provide matches for the main keywords searched. However at the bottom of the search results is a list of recommended titles with similar content. These referrals are a powerful way to increase traffic and sales for these book authors.

Studies have indeed shown that long tail marketing increases sales by a magnitude greater than main keyword searches alone. Your marketing campaign will include content that targets both main and lesser known keywords to increase sales to your site. You can use a business blog as a key component of this strategy.

Boost awareness of your business by participating in a shared community

Content will enable you to participate in the wider, shared community on the Internet, rather than remaining a static site which passively awaits “hits.” That wider community includes vehicles such as business blogs and forums which you use to interact with customers and enable them to keep tabs with what is happening in your business day by day.

Building relationships using business blogging and forums creates added value for your business as you help people find the answers they’re looking for, and sparks discussion among visitors which itself serves as valuable, free content that improves your search engine ranking.

Increase your rankings in search engines through improved link equity

Fresh, unique content delivered through articles and business blogs will increase the link strength of your web site. Link strength refers to the number of links pointing to and pointing from your specific URL; it is an important factor that the search engines use to determine the importance and relevance of your web site, and will affect your ranking in the search engines. This is what makes customised articles and business blogs so important—they point back to your site and improve your link strength.


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