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You Deserve Truck Drivetrain Service That Limits Your Fleet’s Downtime!

We understand that a Truck standing out of commission can be a huge cost to your business. This is why our entire business model and focus is dedicated to getting your fleet back on the road faster!

Our team are all highly trained to provide a quality tested product for you.

We do transmission repairs on a single component or remanufacture all truck transmissions both manual and automatic to original OEM specifications.

Includes Isuzu, Hino, ZF, Allison and all major manufacturer’s transmission.

The primary function of your truck’s differential is to transfer the engine power to the driven wheels.

Failing differential symptoms include strange noises, leaking differential oil, vibrations, uneven tyre wear, difficulty in handling, and unusual odours.

If you believe you have a differential problem, Drivetrain TTS can help with transmission and truck differential repairs.

To avoid additional damage and safety risks, it’s critical to address differential trouble as soon as you notice it. Furthermore, addressing truck differential repairs early on is relatively inexpensive. However, truck differential repairs are rarely required if your vehicle is serviced regularly.

Contact Information
10 Yaldwyn Rd, Jet Park, Boksburg, South Africa, Gauteng
Phone: 0118236629

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