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At mElimu, we are redesigning mobile-first learning technology to make education available on any device, anywhere, and at any time. The word mElimu, which stands for “”Mobile Education”” in kiSwahili, reflects our dedication to eLearning innovation.

mElimu offer state-of-the-art e Learning solutions that are specifically suited for several industry verticals, including corporations, educational institutions, higher education, manufacturing, retail, finance, healthcare, and more. Our learning management system (LMS) solutions are made to help individuals and businesses succeed in their learning endeavors.

The greatest eLearning LMS for higher education is provided by mElimu for the educational industry, ensuring seamless and successful online learning experiences. With the help of our training and skill development programs and mElimu’s cutting-edge e learning platforms, businesses may improve the quality of their staff. Using our specialized LMS solutions, NGOs and government organizations may properly teach their employees and volunteers.

mElimu is your go-to partner for skill development for students and staff, continuing education for medical professionals, and thorough Salesforce training for your workforce. We take pride in being one of the best LMS platforms available right now, and our objective is to make learning management systems accessible to everyone.

Join us at mElimu and set out on a limitless voyage of revolutionary eLearning!

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2nd Floor, D212, Gauteng
Phone: 0608806487

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