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Our services include:

 Weekly/bi-Weekly/Monthly timesheet capturing and balancing as per Time and Attendance reports supplied by you every week  Travel / Commuting Allowance Capture and reports  Leave, Sick days and absentee reconciliation  Payroll processing as per the Site Calendar dates  Periodic Bonuses as per instruction  Current & Year to date shift Calculation  Current & Year to date Project bonus Calculation  Current & Year to date Leave & Leave enhancement Calculations  Additional Employee deductions (Union, Garnishee, Loans, Savings etc.)  Additional Company deductions reports (Union fees, Garnishee etc.)  All statutory payroll deductions and reports (Council, EMP201, PAYE, UIF, SDL etc.). These reports will be forwarded to your accountant for submission  All payroll data required by SARS/Labour Bureau will be uploaded  EMP501 for tax reconciliation (August and February). These reconciliations will also be forwarded to your accountant for Submission  IRP5 Electronic certificates from VIP  Final costing report of entire payroll between White and Blue collar Employees  Original VIP Payslips

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