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Meekaboo baby products are safe, effective, gentle, and ideal for babies and toddlers.

The Snot sucker champion nasal aspirator is a champ in mucus removal in babies. It eases nose congestion and enables a baby to breath smoothly and effectively. It can be traumatizing for both parent and baby. The Snot sucker champion is a ‘must have’ for every parent and the best gift for new parents. Removing the mucus helps to speed up baby recovery while reducing other related infections. Both parent and baby can sleep soundly as nose congestion eases.

Use at least 4 times a day and do not overuse it. In some cases, the mucus can be dry and thick. Use a few nasal drops to loosen it and wait a few seconds before suctioning the mucus. Immediately after use put it in clean water and steam for 3-5 minutes for sterilization. It is ideal for babies between 0 months to 9 years.

Hitheery Teethery teething finger brush gum reliever toothbrush. The swollen tender gums are a traumatic event and causes fussiness and nonstop crying. It soothes pain caused by teething babies.

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