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Material Handling Equipment Company Micron MHE brings decades of experience and excellence to various sectors and industries in South Africa. We are a leading forklift material handling equipment company with an extensive range of available solutions, each backed by absolute quality and our commitment to service.

MORE ABOUT OUR FORKLIFT MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT COMPANY For well over 3 decades, we have striven for excellence in the field of material handling, producing, and supplying specialised material handling equipment that covers the needs of multiple specialised fields.

This has been possible through a long-standing engineering background that enables us to develop solutions that enhance our clients’ operations according to their specific needs.

Both reliability and value are key to our offerings, ensuring that our material handling solutions add to your operations, can be employed dependably, and are robust enough to ensure longstanding value.

We bring these factors together and strive to be a market-leading forklift material handling equipment company in everything we do.

CHALLENGE-FOCUSED SOLUTIONS Micron MHE offers a flexible and broad range of specialised material handling solutions because we focus on the specific challenges faced by our clients.

These challenge-focused solutions identify key areas of our clients’ operations that need to be addressed and solve them in the most practical and economical way possible. This means that they are not only ideal for very specific operations but can benefit operations across the industry as a whole.

Our complete range of material handling solutions includes some of the following:

· Appliance clamps

· Bale clamps

· Camera systems

· Drum handling solutions

· Fork clamps

· Fork positioners

· Forward bin inverters

· Mast height extensions

· Multi-pallet handlers

· Paper roll clamps

· Push-pull solutions

· Roller forks

· Rotators

· Telescopic forks

· Tobacco clamps

· Weigh systems

If you would like to know more about these leading solutions from our experienced forklift material handling equipment company, be sure to browse through our products here.

A NATIONAL NETWORK OF SERVICE IN SOUTH AFRICA With an extensive sales network across South Africa, Micron MHE is able to deploy solutions to facilities across the country, and across numerous specialised sectors.

This gives us the flexibility to work dynamically with our clients while adapting to the ever-growing needs of the market.

This extends to our customer support services that ensure our clients get the highest levels of service, especially when it is most needed.

Additionally, a global network of suppliers ensures that the quality of our solutions shines through, all while saving money for our clients.

INDUSTRIES WE SERVICE Our forklift material handling equipment company services numerous different industries with specialised solutions that have been designed and developed to meet the needs and specifications for control across entire industries.

Industries have specific requirements where product quality, efficiency, performance, and costs are concerned, and our operations see to the needs of the following:

· Food and beverage production

· Foundries

· Logistics

· Pallet-less handling

· Paper & pulp production

· Tobacco

· Warehousing

· Recycled Wastepaper

Of course, our flexibility means that we can service any type of business that concerns itself with any tasks for material handling.

CONTACT MICRON MHE FOR DETAILS Our forklift material handling company is continually developing and improving its offers to ensure that our clients get exceptional value at every turn. With products that offer exceptional reliability and quality and services that help our clients grow their operations, we leverage our 3 decades of experience to ensure the utmost satisfaction for our clients. If you would like to know more about us and our offers, be sure to get in contact with a representative from Micron MHE today.

Contact Information
9 Indiana Street, Apex, Benoni, South Africa, Gauteng
Phone: 0114210738

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