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The forgotten ones is an intervention development center for people with special needs. We provide a loving, accepting, safe environment for people of all ages who struggle to cope in society due to difficulties in social skills, communication and behaviors. We aim to optimize each person’s potential by working with them according to an individualized education plan that has been devised by a psychological therapist and occupational therapist. We believe in the importance of a multi-disciplinary team and encourage parents to become an integral part of this team.

The forgotten ones is a registered non-profit organization and public benefit organization. As a non-profit organization, we are subsidizing the fees in order to help parents afford the opportunity to provide their children with a treatment program developed by skilled professionals. We also have a financial aid system in place and parents are able to apply for this if necessary. The forgotten ones has been opened for the help of little angels and we are inspired to help those who are in need of a little extra care and support. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive individualized program that is accessible to a wide range of people and encourages growth in all areas of development.

Contact Information
30 Geelhout Avenue, Western-Cape
30 Geelhout Avenue, Western-Cape
Phone: 067 345 3190

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