New Café’s and Restaurants Now Have a New Affordable Method to Attract New Customers.


The number of cafés across the world continues to grow, making customer engagement and loyalty that much more important for businesses. The BlueC app provides local businesses with the opportunity to cash in on local and immediate traffic through its Bluetooth engagement capabilities. By simply taking advantage of the free business registration through the application, nearby customers now have an opportunity to locate your business through Bluetooth technology.

This alone enables your business to create a connection with your customer by allowing them to ask and answer questions on demand. Businesses will now have a new innovative way to attract customers through customer engagement strategies via Bluetooth. It works both ways, but it is the most immediate solution to developing brand loyalty among your customers. People want to do business with companies who meet the needs of the consumer, providing a direct connection to your business provides a sense of security for customers wanting to get the answers they need in a timely manner.


What if your café had a chat room or conversation thread?

As a growing business, you may wonder how to keep your customers in your restaurant or café a little longer. This can be done by initiating ways to increase visibility or by creating forums that your customers can actively engage with. The BlueC app helps your customer find nearby or even create chat rooms via Bluetooth allowing anyone who is in near proximity to chime in. The app drives the direct connection between customers and your business. This will help businesses create dynamic relationships with people who enjoy spending time AND MONEY in their restaurant. Customers are allowed a place to engage and detail their experience with registered restaurants, which allows for a more transparent consumer/business relationship.

You want to discover a brand new group of consumers or simply attract people in your local area, download the bluec application today! Register your business and open up access to grow and expand your business. Business registration is currently free of charge so take advantage quick!

Spice up your dating life with this new App!

Struggling to find a date in your area or tired of the same old dating apps that pair you with people all over the place? I may have found the newest solution.

There is this new app, bluec. The idea is that by utilizing Bluetooth capabilities a person can meet singles and engage with friends through the app. Personally, I would give the app a try because I am mainly curious as to how many people would even show up in the chat list. Just think about it, if you went into a cafe and knew there was an active chatroom, would you be more inclined to start a conversation? I believe I would. Although the app is only available on Android at this moment it could be the perfect icebreaker between strangers.

The bluec app is right on time!

This unique application provides its audience with an innovative way to meet and engage with other single people. The bluec app is a Bluetooth based application that makes it easy to start a conversation with just about anyone in close proximity. This means that the girl that works at the local grocery store could be one click away from the conversation that changes your life forever.

The app is ideal for those wanting to connect in places like cafes or restaurants. As we all know, dating can be an awkward experience but the bluec app makes it easy to connect to people via Bluetooth that have similar interests as you and are in close proximity..  This is perfect for meeting up at a local cafe, restaurant, or planning a taxi trip when setting up a date.  I am not sure how many people rely on apps to make plans but the bluec app gives you those options right at your fingertips.

Me personally, I am always looking for someone to catch a drink with or just have some conversation with while I sit and go through my notes at the local café. The app allows me to find like-minded people who love great interaction and conversation. if you can’t find anyone new for a conversation with this app, you can at least save data when you are sharing files with your friends through the Bluetooth connection. Just another useful tool that builds communication between friends and coworkers. The app is free to download and is available only for Android.

Need a new way to attract customers to your cafe? restaurant? club? Create a chatroom activity just for your business!



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