When and How to Congratulate an Employee or a Colleague on a New Baby – Should You Give a Gift?

Congratulate an Employee or a Colleague on a New Baby
Congratulate an Employee or a Colleague on a New Baby

Figuring out what to give an Employee or Colleague with the birth of a baby is sometimes frustrating. Organising a gift for the Office Stork tea party or baby shower can be time consuming. Your relationships are not always friendships in the traditional sense, but a good rule of thumb is to keep the gift personal and thoughtful. It is also important to keep baby gifts at the workplace for different people to the same value as not to discriminate.

Baby blankets and baby clothing are always welcome gifts, but a newborn baby hamper containing a collection of useful and practical baby products is always a great idea. There are plenty of reasons to give a gender-neutral gift. Perhaps the parents-to-be are waiting to learn the sex of their child, or maybe the pink-and-blue colour palette that frequently dominates this event feels too conventional.

Usually, the baby shower is held during the last two months of pregnancy but ultimately, we just don’t have control over how things are going to play out. The birth of a baby can be very unpredictable and having a pre-customise gift at hand within the budget of your organisation is the best way to go. Bebedeparis’ online baby gift shop is the goto shop for companies around the world to congratulate their employees and colleagues at the birth of their baby.

Shop online  at www.bebedeparis.co.za or contact us directly at [email protected] for discounted prices and let us help you make your employees or colleagues feel supported by their company at the happiest moment of their lives.

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