Things to Consider when Choosing between Jobs

Things to Consider when Choosing between Jobs

The job market has become so competitive, and it has become normal to have more than one offer to choose from, and there are many people who are usually faced with this dilemma.

The decision you are going to make will have a very impact on your careers and your future happiness. For those investigating a new career take a look at Tradewind Education Recruitment for a fulfilling career.

This article is going to look at some of the questions people tend to have when they have more than one job offer.

1Temporary or Permanent?

It can seem like a permanent position is the obvious choice over temporary, and there are some advantages it that comes with it. One of them is you will not be on the job market looking for a job for a few years. You will be able to integrate into one department, unlike temporary staff where you always feel like you are an outsider since you do not take full part in the life of the department. Getting permanent employments means better benefits like pensions and you will also have a lighter workload. If you find a temporary job that is better than permanent in some other aspects, then you should not immediately turn it down. Take some time to compare the two.

2Job description

An important thing to look for when choosing between two jobs is looking at the one that is going to leave you more fulfilled. It is understandable to choose a job because it offers more money or security, but you should not choose a job you hate because you will find yourself starting to look for another one after some time, why not just go with a job that you enjoy? Some of the questions that can help you in this area include; are you willing to move to something new or more challenging? Or do you want to go with a safer option of doing something you are familiar with and builds on your current strengths? Are you desperate for any job or is it a career move?


Academics tend to have very little control when it comes to location. They are always ready prepared to move far from their friends and family, or take long commutes. But there are some people who always consider location as a key factor. There are some people who dislike city environments and are not excited about working in such places. A new job can mean a new lifestyle, and this is why it is important to look at it as a whole, not just the working hours.

4Personal circumstances

There are might be other reasons as to why you are not looking to take a full-time permanent position, maybe because of family commitments or you are looking to sample first before you can commit to a given career. Depending on your situation, a permanent position might not be the best option for you.

5What about the future? Work-life issues

There are many people who will advise you not to turn down a permanent position immediately because of the uncertainty of the job market. There are some speculations that the number of jobs available will reduce, although there is no one sure about it.

When you are looking for a job, you will need to weigh up your need for a secure future against other factors like achieving work-life balance and job satisfaction. Getting a permanent job can mean being able to get married or buy a house, but you will also be trapped in a lifestyle you might not like, and you don’t want this to be the case.

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