How to Create a Landing Page With WordPress

How to Create a Landing Page With WordPress

Landing pages are often the first page someone sees when they visit a website. They serve as an introduction to your company and can help increase conversions on your site by focusing on one offer or goal. There are digital services that specialise in landing page conversion rate optimisation, which is an incremental improvement to the design based on data. However, in this blog post, we’ll discuss how to create a landing page using WordPress so you can start driving more traffic and increase conversions today!

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page can be defined as the first web page someone sees when they visit your website. Landing pages provide an opportunity for businesses to introduce themselves and their product or service. A well optimised landing page, ranks higher in search engine results, drives more traffic and increases conversions. A good landing page focuses on one specific thing at a time instead of bombarding website visitors with information.

What is the difference between the homepage and a landing page?

A homepage is your website’s front page and what users will see when they enter your domain name in their browser. It provides a basic overview of what you do and can include links to other pages on your site or posts that have been published in order to provide more details about specific topics.

A landing page, however, has one goal: getting people interested! The focus is entirely on that one offer or goal, so visitors are more likely to convert on your site.

Why Should You Create a Landing page?

A successful landing page is all about conversion! A well-designed and developed landing page can increase conversions by up to 500%. Since the focus is entirely on one specific purpose, it’s easier for people to understand the offer or goal that you’re trying to accomplish. Plus, by directing people straight to your landing page instead of sending them all over the site in search for what they want, it’s easier for them to find what they need and convert!

Why should I use WordPress to create a landing pageWhy should I use WordPress to create a landing page?

WordPress is free and open source, making it the perfect platform for any small business to customize. And because of its popularity and ease of use, many people are already familiar with how WordPress functions so they can easily navigate your site.

It’s also a powerful CMS (content management system) that you can employ as more than just a landing page creator—you could use it to create a blog, too.

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How do I create a new landing page in WordPress?

Method #1: Setup Your Landing Page in WordPress from Scratch Using Your Theme

Most WordPress themes will have a landing page template available for you to choose from. You can use this option if you want to create your own custom design, or start with one that’s already been created.

Method #2: Create Your Page Using the Landing Page Plugin

There are many tools such as Leadpages or Unbounce available for creating beautiful marketing websites — but not everyone has the time or money that it takes to design something like that, or you want to experiment with a landing page design before settling on one that’s specific to your brand, there is an easy way!

Installing OptimizePress, Beaver Builder or Elementor Page builders will allow you to build landing pages at a fraction of the cost. Still there is a learning curve with some of the tools, so if you’re not already familiar with working in WordPress or user interface design this option may be more difficult and time consuming.

Using WordPress, you can easily generate landing pages to drive more conversion with minimal effort.

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