Daily Lotto – Lottery Systems, What Are They And Do They Work?

Lottery systems, what are they and do they work

What are lottery systems, and do they work?

Lottery systems are a type of strategy. While they are fun, they can also help players keep motivated and help them to play strategically and responsibly.

However, even statisticians will agree that there is no guaranteed way to win the jackpot or to truly beat the odds to secure a win. It is therefore important to practice caution when relying on a system, or to choose one which states that it will secure a guaranteed win.

Types of systems

The Wheeling System

This system works to target a certain number of common numbers. It then combines these numbers along with every possible additional number. Through this, a bunch of tickets are generated that have higher chances of winning prizes in lower tiers.

The Daily Lotto uses a 36-number field and players have to match five numbers to win the top-tier jackpot. To use the wheeling system, players can identify three hot numbers and buy tickets which combine these hot numbers with each of the other possible numbers.

However, there is a great amount of combinations that can be used, and no player will want to purchase the amount of tickets necessary to cover all possible combinations. Instead, players can try other strategies as well such as:

  • Forming a lottery syndicate or joining one.
  • Picking four numbers and only wheeling the fifth.
  • Finding a lottery syndicate which buys the wheels and then sells ‘shares’ to the members in the syndicate for a percentage of any wins.

Mathematical Sequences

There are some lottery systems which analyse the relationships which exist between winning lottery numbers. This is done with the purpose of identifying a pattern or a trend.

This also involves delving into the history of draws and noting when and where patterns form to identify which numbers to predict for future draws.

This may be a time-consuming task and a lot of players may resort to computer programs which work according to algorithms to analyse and identify past trends and provide highly likely numbers that may appear in future draws.

Quick Picks

Quick pick options are quite controversial as there are players and analysists who believe that they are a waste of time. There are, however, players who believe that they work in addition to saving players a lot of time.

It all comes down to personal preference and where there are those who have won prizes, even though it may not have been the jackpot, in using a quick pick option, there are those who prefer using other methods of selecting numbers.

Lucky Numbers

This is a quite common system used by a lot of players. Players pick a set of numbers that they may have found lucky and play them repeatedly every time they buy a ticket.

The theory behind it is that when playing the same numbers each time and they are not drawn; they are more likely to be drawn in future.

Unfortunately, when probability is considered, the opposite is true. Regardless of whether a number has been drawn in the past, it will not necessarily influence whether it will be drawn again. Again, when using such a system, it depends on personal preference.

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