Distil Digital – Who Are They? And How Can They Help Your Business?

Distil Digital ﹘ Who are they

A digital marketing agency can become an invaluable asset to your business, helping you to boost your online efforts, ultimately changing the game for your business.

Distil Digital is just one such digital marketing agency based in Cape Town, South Africa, with its roots in pure SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), they’ve since expanded their product offering to meet the growing demands of the market. What makes them so special? You may ask. Let’s find out!

Who is Distil Digital? And What do they do?

Distil Digital have divided their service offering into 3 major building blocks, namely Web Design & Development, eCommerce, and Digital Marketing. These building blocks each encompass a variety of promising services for small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs).

With a loaded service offering, here’s what Distil Digital can do for you and your business:

SEO Services

In the competitive online environment, it’s important that your website is easily found, Distil Digital understands this and that’s why they specialise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Having access to an SEO specialist relevant keywords in place, amongst other SEO strategies, can give your business the best chance of outranking the competition while giving your company’s brand image the boost it needs.

Content Marketing

Before you go searching online for “content marketing near me”, it may please you to discover that Distil offers that too! So, if you’re not exactly Shakespeare and you don’t have a designated content writer at your disposal, then making use of a content marketing service can prove most effective in getting your ideal messaging across to your audience, while expertly incorporating the correct keywords for optimum efficacy.

Web Design & Development

While it’s become easier and easier for just about anyone to create a website, the time and expertise it takes to create a website that functions well according to users’ expectations and also looks great, can be a hairsplitting ordeal.

Your website will also need well-crafted landing pages that’ll help lead visitors to relevant products or services, so hiring a web design company, or an agency that does it all like Distil Digital, can be highly beneficial.

Web Hosting

All websites need hosting in order to store web files and make the website accessible via the internet. In simple terms, your website needs a place to live, this is pretty much what web hosting is, and with Distil Digital, web hosting is both reliable and affordable.

Web Management

Much like most things in life, without regular maintenance, websites can and may deteriorate over time. Distil boasts efficient web maintenance for their clients to ensure that any and all minor issues are fixed as soon as they’re picked up, so while this service may be undervalued, it is an invaluable one to have for all companies.

Ecommerce Consulting & Management

Managing an online store can be tedious and time-consuming, so having a small agency like Distil Digital do it for you can save you time and valuable resources while improving the website’s user experience.

Social & Email

Social media management helps companies to get their ideal messaging across in a coherent and relatable manner. And before you ask “Hey, isn’t email marketing dead?” ﹘ With 91% of consumers still checking their email on a daily basis, Distil insists that it most certainly is not.

Effective email marketing helps you to maintain existing customers while developing relationships with new ones on a consistent basis, increasing the chance of customers actually returning to your website time and time again.

Distil Digital helps you sell on various platforms

It can often be beneficial for businesses to expand their online presence, which can also help to boost brand authority. So not only do they help businesses sell on online platforms, such as Google and Amazon, but also on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest!

Paid Media (PPC)

Distil Digital also gives you access to a Paid Media (PPC) specialist if needed, which may prove highly beneficial for many. Simply making use of Google Adwords can help boost traffic to clients’ websites and boost exposure to the website.


And finally, Distil provides remarketing services, which helps target those who visit your website, enticing them to return to the website in the future. This ‘top-of-mind awareness’ is what all businesses essentially want to achieve, and it’s what makes remarketing such a popular service.

A Digital Marketing Gem

Distil Digital really is a gem amongst gems in the online world, offering a wide range of services to SMEs, helping them to grow and reap the rewards of success. Contact them directly to find out what services may be ideal for your business, whether small or medium, they can help make online work for you!

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