First Steps Toward An Oil Career

First Steps Toward An Oil Career

Are you looking for an oil and gas career? Here are some great tips to get involved in this great industry.

1) Don’t Get Overwhelmed

There are oil and gas jobs out there for every sort of professional, particularly engineers. From welding engineers on pipeline jobs to talent managers working oil refinery turnaround jobs, the industry is bursting with promising openings. Your education, work history, and current job won’t hold you back.

There are many different industries (for example, power and construction) that have directly-transferable skills. Oil industry headhunters will be happy to welcome individuals with useful skills and a desire to learn more. Read more about careers in Oil and Gas in this article from TRS Global.

2) Explore All The Options

Working in the petroleum sector doesn’t mean your only choices are oilfield jobs or offshore rig work. Every oil and gas project evolves through a complex lifecycle, moving from conceptual design to extraction, refining, and decommissioning. There are opportunities along the way for a range of different skill sets, including many other professionals besides engineers.

The oil industry also offers you a truly global stage for your career. Professionals with the drive and skills to excel are in high demand all over the world, from Canada to Australia.

3) Get Engineering Experience

Apprentice schemes are relatively common in the oil industry. Major operators like Shell, BP, ExxonMobil, Total, and Chevron operate programs that can give you a realistic taste of what oil sector work is like. Note that relevant education is required for the best engineering jobs. But if you didn’t complete a STEM degree, don’t worry! You can still find training programs all around the world that will let you get started.

4) Look At Benefits And Drawbacks

As described above, the worldwide job market for oil professionals is constantly changing as projects start up and wind down. You’ll find no shortage of challenging jobs in every corner of the world. A career in oil and gas engineering can stimulate your mind, broaden your horizons, and give you an exceptional opportunity to travel widely.

The oil industry is particularly attractive to those who are looking for variety in their careers. Besides the many different specialities and skillsets it calls for, the oil industry also offers many different working arrangements. You can secure a permanent long-term position or move through a series of rewarding contract assignments. Benefits and earnings are also impressive and attractive.

Any realistic consideration of a job in the oil industry should include an understanding of the potential drawbacks, though. Many of these jobs necessitate putting in long hours, often far away from your home. Meeting project goals will require you to work flexibly and meet hard deadlines.

Progressing into an oil and gas career demands diligence and patience. The best place to start is at the base of the ladder. Attack the work with commitment and you can climb rapidly; the overall career you build this way can be exciting and financially rewarding.

An excellent next step is to discuss work with anyone you know in the oil and gas industry. In every industry, mentoring is hugely beneficial, and the oil industry is no exception. An experienced mentor can do a lot to help you enter the industry and make smart career choices.

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