From The Tiny Red Dot City to Global Stage – Bi Consulting Foray Into South Africa

From The Tiny Red Dot City to Global Stage- Bi Consulting Foray Into South Africa
Mr Corne Engelbrecht, Partner & Managing Director for BI Consulting South Africa
Mr Corne Engelbrecht, Partner & Managing Director for BI Consulting South Africa

Singapore’s Based BI Technology Consulting & Advisory Firm Expands into South Africa Bringing world’s class expertise and Tools.

Singapore based Technology consulting firm BI Group has been recognized as one of the leading boutique technology advisory firms known for its expertise on Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, Technology and Sustainable Integrated Solutions, has expanded it’s business offerings into South Africa.

For the last 15 months, the company has expanded their presence in London, Shanghai, the Philippines, and the Middle East market.

BI Consulting is the first Singapore-based technology firm to roll out quantum and cryptography engineering hacked-proof solutions in Asia, the Middle East and South Africa.

BI’s specialty is on business and technology transformation with a focus on digital transformation and cyber security . They provide advisory, consulting, and operations management on digital transformation and cyber security. Their solutions include Quantum safe security, cryptography security, blockchain, decentralized technology ledger, cryptography security for public key infrastructure, and vulnerability assessment. They use advance technology such as quantum engineering, cryptography, nextgen 3.0 DLT technologies to protect our client’s asset and set them ahead of the technology curve.

BI’s motto – Leverage Science Technology – helping clients to increase their market values, transforming the digital and cyber security landscape.

“I have been following the  African continents  development for the last 5 years and it is the right time for us to enter the region starting with a presence in South Africa. We are looking to grow 300% within the next 5 years in the African region.” Our mission is to assist African companies to grow and digitally transform their business, improve their enterprise performance, and prepare them for the new digital age. We are also looking to provide adequate technology education and resources to the billions of hardworking Africans, to groom them to become successful entrepreneurs and experts in the technology field. We have been searching for the right partner for the last 9 months and we are thrilled to have Mr Engelbrecht onboard, to lead and grow our business in South Africa” – Dr Christina Liang-Boguszewicz, Founding Partner and Group Managing Director.

“Economies in Africa are expected to grow more than 7% annually in the next 20 years. As the continent increases its digital ‘footprint’ , we believe all the financial and social indicators are in line with such growth potential. With adverse threats from climate change, pandemics and daily cyber-attacks, the time is now for companies to review, improve, improvise, and protect their data sovereignty. There are an average of over 80,000,000 cyber-attacks daily and a ransomware hack can cost you millions and billions of dollars, resulting in catastrophic business outcomes. Investing into the technology infrastructure, cyber security, talent pools and the business expansion programs are some good examples which increases company financial value and investment opportunities.” Corne Engelbrecht, Partner & Managing Director for South Africa

About BI Group :

BI Consulting Group is a Technology Consulting & Advisory firm. Their clients include fortune 500 companies, small and medium enterprises. Industry sectors include financial services, Insurance, Bank, Government, FMCG, Logistics, Supply Chain, Consumer, Pharmaceutical, Education, Media and Telecommunications.

BI Consulting is headquartered in Singapore with presence and offices in London, the Philippines, Dubai, Shanghai, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Australia, Hong Kong and South Africa

BI has a strong network of top experts and consultants worldwide.


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