Game of Thrones: Our Favourite Characters (Spoiler: Some Died)

Game Of Thrones - Our Favourite Characters

With the battle of Winterfell on the horizon, I have a feeling of deep despair in the pit of my stomach. Because I know, that a lot of people I love are going to die during this finale season. We all loved and looked forward to seeing the much-hyped finale of GoT. Did you expect that ending?

And this is the worst month for it to have happened on as well, not only is Avengers Endgame out, but Ironman fell too. From epic battles, shattering plot twists, and stunning landscape photography, GoT has it all. Here’s a round up of some of our favourite characters.

  • Tyrion

He has been consistently my favourite from day one. He is the best character on the show by far, because he hasn’t done that many heinous deeds. In fact, he’s actually a really nice guy. And he reads, I have to stand by my fellow bookworm.

  • Sansa

This girl has been through too much, and she should not die. I won’t have it. And by the way she has become such a bad ass, the rest of the characters need her. Does she still have the dogs that ate Ramsay too? They might be useful.

  • Gendry

He’s probably going to die, I know that. But I really don’t like that. He is a hot cookie. And Arya needs a friend.

  • Tormund

Fun fact, I have a friend who has a baby that looks like Tormund. Without the beard of course. Tormund is too pure to die. And him and Brienne need to make strong babies together.

  • Theon

I may be alone on this, and I used to despise him. But I’m a weak, as soon as I see anyone sad or in pain, I immediately feel sorry for them and want to help them. And Theon has been through A LOT. So, naturally I began rooting for him a long time ago.

  • Arya

If she dies on Sunday that will be depriving us of violent murder magic. Dude, she could be the one to take on the mountain. Never mind, I still want Clegane to do that. But she could help.

  • Varys

I’ve heard many thoughts from other fans that he may die this weekend. And if he does, I will be mourning his sass. He is the best diva of the seven kingdoms.

  • Ghost

We are not losing another dog. We’ve lost too many. And a dragon! No, Ghost is untouchable. Back off.

Ok, I’m going to cry in anticipation, so let’s see how many of these gems we lose in the finale season. I’m trying so hard to prepare, but I know it won’t matter. Because, whatever I do, the grief will kill me. Valar morghulis.

Who did you expect to live or die in the latest season on Game of Thrones?

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Awesome post! I thought the final season of Game of Thrones really lived up to the hype.