Heritage Hill Lifestyle Estate

Heritage Hill Lifestyle Estate

A stepping stone into adulthood for most young professionals would be homeownership. Of course, not all of us are born with inheritance and are otherwise left at mercy to the current state of the market.

With all things considered, including inflation, the average home price in South Africa is on a slow decline. This doesn’t always translate as a bad thing, as it may make homeownership more reachable for younger generations.

Buying For Location

In a perfect world, your dream house will be in close vicinity to your work, kids’ school and your extended family. In reality, you will have to sacrifice some aspect of your lifestyle to move strategically placed location.

If you need to work in the center of the city, you may have to settle for a small apartment or townhome that’s the same price as a large home elsewhere. If you want to move near your parents (or in-laws), you may have to buy whatever is available within the neighborhood or part of town. You will probably need to team up with a real estate broker to help you find a location-critical house as it pops up on the market.

Buying For a Lifestyle Change

If you are going to spend big bucks on a new home, you probably desire a change in scenery and lifestyle. For some, this may mean retirement and for others, it may simply be a means to bring a better life for their family. Many new housing developments are keeping lifestyle factors in mind to appeal to niche markets.

If you’d like to ditch the stereotypical city life, you may want to consider Heritage Hill Lifestyle Estate to have more of a small village atmosphere. It’s an environmentally friendly community that would be ideal for bringing up children without being far from the amenities of the big city.

Keeping Security in Mind

Since security is a growing concern in South Africa, the location and safety of a neighborhood should surely be taken in mind. Be sure to check out up to date crime maps to get an idea of areas in a city to stay away from. You may also consider gated communities with security at the front.

You may also ask around the neighborhood to get an idea of the current crime situation. Take whatever the property owner or real estate agent says with a grain of salt considering that it’s their job to sell the property.

Wherever you go, you also have the personal responsibility to secure your own home. This may include putting bars on windows, getting a sturdy door with a bolt lock, and rigging up an internet-connected security system so you can also keep tabs on what’s going on at your house.

Final Thoughts

It’s always tricking buying a new home, but it’s entirely possible to find the right combination of comfort and pricing catered to your lifestyle. Just be diligent about research (including a title search) and price negotiation to get the best deal.

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