Types of Bowling and Its Etiquettes

Types of Bowling and Its Etiquettes

Bowling tips for beginners today will help you to understand this sport better. Bowling is a thousand-year sport that already existed in the era of ancient Egypt and Rome. As mentioned in unbiased bowling there are at least five common types of bowling you need to know, the etiquettes you may follow when bowling, and how to get a bowling ball.

Types of Bowling

One common type is 10-pin bowling. In this type, you will meet the ball which weighs around 6-16 pounds. The 10-pin bowling is known as the most popular type of this game. This type already existed before the Civil War in the United States. The pins will be placed in a required triangular formation, called the ‘frame’. The minimum weight is around 3 pounds.

Nine-pin bowling is known as kegel, and it is not an individual game. You need six people to play this game and each player will take two turns. The pins of this type are arranged into a diamond frame, and its colors are different. The center pin is red, called redhead, while the rest is white. As bowling tips, if you are into teamwork, you should try 9-pin bowling.

Five-pin bowling is common in Canada. There are only 5 pins that are arranged in a V shape, and you have to shoot the center of it. The ball is also different since it does not have any holes. 5-pin bowling ball is small enough to fit in your hand.

Candlepin Bowling was famous in New England. It has the smallest ball which only weighs for 2 pounds. The pins are also different since it looks like a candle. The least common type is duckpin bowling. This type is a blend between the 10-pin and the candlepin type. The bowling ball is as light as the ball for candlepin bowling, while the pins are shorter than the first one.

Bowling Etiquettes

As bowling tips, to respect other players, do not stand on the approach. After you shoot, you need to stay away from the approach area as soon as possible after you take the turn. But, if you want to wait your turn, get into the approach area after that person starts to bowl. When they start to approach the foul line, you can enter the line.

Use your bowling balls, and though you are frustrated with the game, never kick the ball return, never taunt or mock others, and do not shout and yell. Do not be stupid. The last one does not try to hit the pin-sweeper.

Where to Buy Bowling Balls

You may visit your local pro shop to get a good quality bowling ball. Tell them what you want and let them know how your ball is. Once they give you recommendations, follow them. A decent bowling bowl will price at least $100. If they have any deals, use it.

The instructors may give you a bowling ball with a conventional grip. But, if you want to improve your skills, ask them to give a fingertip grip drilling ball. Here are your bowling tips.

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