LolaSilk – South Africa’s #1 Online Wig Shop

LolaSilk - South Africa's #1 Online Wig Shop

Are you a hair fashionista? If you are always on the lookout for a new, trendy hair style, even if you already have many different types of Brazilian wigs, chances are good that you are a hair fashionista. This type of person knows exactly where to look when it comes to wigs for sale online and is always hunting for the best value for money deals. They are also the best people to ask for advice when you start to look for a new hairstyle and they can give you tips of what styles are trending at the moment, so it is amazing to have a fashionista friend.

We recently interviewed a few hair fashionistas in South Africa to ask them about hair trends and specifically if there was any hair brand that people should go to when they are looking to buy wigs online. During this process we heard a lot about LolaSilk and why it recently has become the new fashionistas best friend. Do you want to know why they are so in love with it?

The best way to understand why LolaSilk has become the online hair destination, is to just have a look at their website. You immediately feel that you are dealing with a brand that was born inside the new era of ecommerce. The look and feel drags you inside and you could spend a lot of time just browsing the photographs and wigs descriptions. There is no doubt that they put a lot of effort behind their online store and that they make sure to keep it fresh and updated.

LolaSilk - South Africa's #1 Online Wig Shop

But wig brands won’t survive only on the look and feel of their store, so what else the fashionistas found out about LolaSilk that no other hair store has? The answer is a great variety. They are not the typical hair business that only focus on one single type of hair. They understand that the same person might wear different types of hair and styles depending on the occasion, so they created a portfolio that caters for all styles and preferences. You will find virgin hair, synthetic hair, wigs, weaves, closures, frontals, ponytails and even pondos at LolaSilk store. The ability to build so many different and glamorous looks are the best part for all hair lovers out there.

What about the quality? LolaSilk prides themselves for providing the silkiest hair in the market and you notice this by reading the reviews that people leave after making a purchase and by the comments we heard from the fashionistas. It seems like LolaSilk has the best cost versus benefit rate when we talk about Brazilian hair. You will sure find cheaper options out there, but giving up on quality to pay the cheapest price, might end-up being costly when you realize that the wig doesn’t last you one season. You can always check LolaSilk’s page of wigs on sale so you can get the best deals possible and buy something that you know has a superior quality. They are constantly updating their “specials”, so there is a good chance you will catch your wig on sale soon.

When you read so many good things about LolaSilk, you might feel excited to just start looking for your new Brazilian hair, but what if you buy something from them just to find out later on that you don’t like it or it doesn’t suit you for any reason? We are always a bit scared when it comes to shopping hair online, aren’t we? That is also something they thought about. Apart from offering free shipping in South Africa for all orders, they also offer free returns, which tells us how much they trust the quality of the wigs that they are selling online. There are so many wig suppliers out there that don’t even offer the possibility of returning an item or getting a refund that is actually great news to now have a wig brand that puts the client’s needs first, don’t you agree?

There is one last thing that everyone is loving about LolaSilk, especially the fashionistas that normally purchase more frequently and need to control their budget to the dot: payment options. LolaSilk has 3 payments options of “buy now, pay later” connected to their checkout which means you can split your payments in 3 or 4 interest-free installments, but you get your new hair immediately. Isn’t it heaven on earth?

When we started writing about LolaSilk, we reached out to its customer service team a few times, just to check some of the information that the fashionistas where telling us and we must say, they were always extremely supportive.

Fashionable wigs are perceived to be extremely costly, but that’s not always the case. As long as we discovered great brands like LolaSilk, we know that we can dress up glamorously without breaking the bank, like most fashionistas have learned.

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