The Mandela Effect (Vol.1) Black & White Review

The Mandela Effect

Reading a book could be beneficial both at the time of reading the book, and also for the rest of your life. Whether you are big into reading outside of school/work or not, it is important to try it. Reading a good book can be helpful to you in three ways: it can give you a break from the stress of every day; it can teach you something; and it can be a more engaging pastime than Netflix.

With the national lockdown in full effect within South Africa, it has given me more free time than I can ever wish for, and what better time to pick up a book to get your mind working again? I decided to browse the internet to see what I can find.

I found a book by Eric Blue called The Mandela Effect

“Ever wondered about how it would be to go back in time and change history? The satirical novel, The Mandela Effect, gives an insight into how a Rainbow Nation South Africa of 2010 celebrated the hosting of the FIFA 2010 World Cup. Of course, it wasn’t always like that.”

“When a gas pipe blast in a local restaurant takes law student Lindiwe Buthelezi out of her comfort zone and back to the year 1987 when apartheid (racial segregation) was at its worst, she soon realises the important role that she has to play in following in her late mother’s footsteps.”

“Lindiwe gets to experience the bad of Black and White on all fronts of life before getting to the blessings!”

“African National Congress icon Nelson Mandela is believed to be locked away on Robben Island for failing to renounce violence against the state. While some hard-line left wingers felt that Mandela may sell out to the apartheid government, several right-wing members believed that eliminating Mandela would send a strong message to the so-called communist liberation struggle.”

Book Trailer:

The Mandela Effect explores the sides of the racial divide in South Africa. I really enjoyed the part where Lindiwe dreams and imagines herself having all the benefits of a white woman in Apartheid SA. She sees herself driving a fancy car and living in a whites-only suburb in Pretoria. She also sees herself eating at the fanciest restaurants reserved for whites. She even learns that she will marry a white man. In her dream, she enters into dialogue with Louise Burrell who tells her that this is what she (Lindiwe) always wanted.

In the next chapter, Pieter finds himself in a dream as a ‘black Pieter’ and experiencing the other side of Apartheid SA. He is in a queue to board a taxi when he gets shoved around and mugged. He spots Lindiwe but she does not recognise him. When he approaches her, she still can’t place ‘black Pieter’. He cannot understand how this is happening, but of course, he does not know that he is ‘black Pieter’.

I highly recommend to visit Eric Blue‘s website and download your copy of this amazing book. Please leave your comment below and tell us what you think of this book.

Thanks for reading!

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Joey McG.

Thank you for this review. I will be downloading this book shortly!! 😀

Emmanuel Maepa

Can Lindiwe go forward in time and tell us if the ANC will still rule by 2050? Hopefully, we will still be having books like ‘The Mandela Effect’ by then. Thanks for this book, Eric Blue.