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Ubanker-Forex Investment and Trading

Trading VS Investing: An Overview

Before diving into the specifics, it is necessary to establish the distinction between investing and trading. It goes without saying that both methods pave the way to attaining profits in the financial markets, with the investors as well as traders seeking profits by means of active market participation. However, investors tend to seek much greater returns over an extended period by buying and holding. On the other hand, traders tend to take advantage of both the rise and fall of markets in order to effectively make their way into as well as exit it over a much briefer timeframe. This allows them to generate smaller but much more frequent profits.

While it is certainly true that buy-and-hold investors tend to wait out much less profitable positions, traders aim to earn profits under a stipulated period and often make use of a defensive stop-loss order so that they can automatically filter out the losing positions at a prearranged price level. It is common for both traders as well as investors to employ technical analysis tools — for example, stochastic oscillators and moving averages in order to determine high-probability trading setups effectively. There are a number of operating firms that provide platforms to enable investors as well as traders to employ such tools and advance in the Forex market. A notable mention would be Ubanker South Africa. It is a top-level Forex broker that provides traders and investors with all of the tools above and technologies and much more.

How the Ubanker Platform Helps

Online trading in the realm of foreign exchange certainly has its charms, in that along with the many risks it poses, it brings in significant hopes of earning substantial returns. The Ubanker trading platform not only provides its clients with the opportunity to trade online but also enables them to keep track of their assets. It has the latest technologies such as live feeding trades. You can easily trade through the comfort of your home. Just a few taps on your phone and voila! You’re all set and ready to trade. Ubanker is also known for ensuring safe and secure transactions by providing its clients with the safest tools to ensure safety at the time deposit and withdrawal of finances.

Beginners Are Welcomed!

Ubanker provides beginners with the necessary information and insight into the tricks of the trade. It is highly invested in educating its trader the proper way. So, if you’re just starting in the Forex trading market, there is no need to worry! The Ubanker trading platform will train you for free. So, you can have zero prior knowledge regarding online trading and still flourish in the market if you employ Ubanker to your advantage. They provide their clients with everything to ensure they churn out successful traders – from their 24/6 online support to their state-of-the-art technological resources – you don’t have to worry about a thing! Ubanker also offers its clients a beginner tutorial session with its teachers to make them grasp the functioning of the platform and the way in which the Forex market actually works. Basically, it offers an academy that has an active learning system as well as courses that provide its clients with reading materials as well as video tutorials on a number of varying topics to help them grow. This is inclusive of Forex trends, Forex fundamentals, trade trends, reviews, etc.

Starting Investments Guarantee

If you want to start by investing, the first thing to cross your mind ought to be, “What if I end up getting nothing in return?”. Every newbie in the game has this thought which scares him/her out of investing at all. Luckily, Ubanker South Africa provides a great online professional platform in which, for your first 5 to 15 trades, they let you keep the profit if you win and if you lose, they return your invested money to you just so you won’t be immediately discouraged and just give up.

Personal Assistance

There is another extremely useful service provided by Ubanker to its traders – Account Managers. The Ubanker trading platform allows its clients to have an account manager when they start so they won’t be entirely lost as to what’s going on and how to keep up with it. The managers are there to assist the clients in terms of advice regarding investment and trading, that is, the dos and don’ts. They also keep their clients abreast of the trends in the global market as well as other important updates. Basically, they work as your personal assistants. Moreover, the Ubanker interface is made as user-friendly as possible while providing the most powerful tools for investing and trading to increase the clients’ likelihood of earning.

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