PayDay HR Software – Strategic Placement of Individual Talent

PayDay HR Software - Strategic Placement of Individual Talent

PayDay Software Systems is a fully integrated Payroll, Human Capital and Time and Attendance software company that adds value to businesses via the application of a client-oriented and user-empowerment approach – transforming strategic processes into value-added functions. Designed to make work life and day to day office duties more streamlined and efficient – PayDay’s payroll and human capital software is the way of the future.


The human resource department is one of the busiest and most important departments in any company. It consists of the team responsible for taking care of the staff side of things, ensuring that the team work together seamlessly and that things like leave forms, overtime, and time and attendance registers are completed and processed. Basically, HR works around the clock and are often expected to juggle loads of responsibilities as well as mountains of paperwork – This is where WE come in.

Our Human Capital software provides users with a fully integrated HR system that’s simple, effective, and efficient. It helps make the HR departments day to day work a  lot easier as well as faster, as it minimises the amount of paper needed and also allows for more accurate processing so that mistakes due to human error are all but completely eliminated.

A few core features of our Human Capital Software include:

  • Easy to use.
  • Allows multiple inputs per screen per employee.
  • Seamless data integration between the Payroll module and the Human Resources module.
  • Descriptions are used throughout the HR module to setup codes that will standardise input into the system.
  • Linked to Skills and Equity modules for generating statutory reports.
  • Contains system and user messages to remind end-users of important dates e.g. expiry dates.

If you are looking to improve the way that you do business and you are keen on moving more of your systems into the digital sphere our Human Capital software, will benefit your company in numerous ways.

Our Human Capital Modules include:

  • Leave module: Keeps a complete historical record, which enables the end-user to extract various reports. It automatically refreshes the cycle dates and updates balances.
  • Equity module: Generates the EEA2 and EEA4 forms, which must, in terms of existing legislation, be submitted to the Department of Labour by all designated employers.
  • Human Resources module: Stores information on each employee, pertaining to:
    • Personal information
    • Education and training
    • Health and safety
    • Employee benefits
    • Career management
    • Industrial relations
  • Post module: Provides a comprehensive record of all filled and vacant posts within the organisation, each with a unique post number of up to 30 characters.
  • Skills Extraction Tool: Provides a comprehensive database of all training, education and company information required for the printing of the Annual Training Report (ATR) and Workplace Skills Plan (WSP).

Human Capital software not only saves time and money, but it is also a great way to stay ahead of trends and ensure that your HR Department functions as effectively as possible.

Follow the link below to hear what PayDay’s HR Director, Engela Bird has to say about PayDay’s Human Capital offering:

Trusted by more than 3500 corporate businesses across Africa and almost 50% of local government within South Africa, you can be sure that PayDay Software Systems will lead your business in the right direction. Visit for more information.

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