The Pfukani Mihluvuka Fun Walk and Soccer Tournament is Here!


Limpopo people are known for their Ubuntu and Respect, and as a person born and raised by the Limpopo community, I am very proud of such great values that we possess. The Hlanganani community still believes in humanity towards others and have a feeling of deep admiration for someone’s wishes or rights to others. This means that most of the community members still consider themselves as generous, hospitable, friendly, caring and compassionate. They share what they have and can go the extra mile for the sake of others.

Unfortunately, the Hlanganani community is starting to disregard or abandon their exact values and principles by resorting to crimes, and these surprising recent crimes remain disturbingly high in our village and surrounding communities. These crimes are as follows:

• Rape;
• Violence- most victims are women and children of our community;
• Hi-jacking of cars- it was very rare to see that in a village or rural communities;
• Business robberies;

We do comprehend that we have increasing poverty and inequality, and have failed as a country to secure confidence in and respect but as a community, we are indeed very concerned and we want to host a soccer tournament and other sports activities to campaign or raise awareness about these crimes that are attacking our communities. As a community, we oppose fiercely to the trends of crimes of what our communities are becoming.

This Soccer Tournament and other sports activities have been identified as one of the ideal initiatives that will provide entertainment and lessons as well as provide opportunities to the local and surrounding community both young and adults.

Here are some of the inclusive benefits of Pfukani Mi Hluvuka Soccer Tournament:

  • Aimed at promoting social cohesion, peace, and nation-building in our local municipalities as well as encouraging young people to participate in sports.
  • To help encourage the young people of the community and surrounding municipality to restrain from Crimes, drug abuse and to indulge in safe sexual intercourse. (We will be partnering with Love Life)
  • To assist in the development of and to encourage sportsmanship and community spirit among all participating members. To enhance the physical, mental, and social well-being of said members.
  • To restore the Spirit of Ubuntu and Respect that says you are who you are because of your interaction with the community around you if the community thrives then you will thrive.

The Sporting Festival will consist of:

  • Soccer tournament;
  • The 10.2km Colour Fun Race- 14yrs – 75yrs
  • Netball Teams;
  • Local talent: Musicians, Dancers, Poets, Soccer commentators and any other form of talent that our local community can produce/showcase.

When will this take place?

26 Dec 2017 – Fun Walk Marathon (5km and 10km will start at Tiyani Roman Tigers)
Time: 06:00

26-30 Dec 2017 – Soccer Tournament will play at Tiyani Roman Tigers
Time: 10:00

Where will this take place?

Tiyani Village, Hlanganani District , Limpopo

We have so many surprises in store for you! Grab your besties and spread the word because this for free to community will go fast! We can’t wait to see you!

Where can I register?

To register for this amazing event, visit their website: or send an email to [email protected].
(Website sponsored by web design packages)

Don’t forget to tell the world that you’re running the PFUKANI MIHLUVUKA FUN WALK MARATHON by using #TheColorRunLimpopo #Happiest5K #pfukanimihluvuka

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