5 Professional Tips for Choosing Wall Art

5 Professional Tips for Choosing Wall Art

A piece of art, accent wall, oil paintings, art prints, original artwork, wall murals, abstract pieces, wall stickers, and several other stylistic forms of wall decoration serves as the icing on the proverbial cake of your home.

Wall art is considered an integral part of interior design and each person’s selection process will be based on their considerations, preferences, styles, colour schemes, budgets.

Best Professional Tips on Choosing Wall Art

Despite the wide range of products and pieces available to decorate your home with, some tips can be given on how to choose the perfect piece that will fill your wall space.

Know your preferences

Reading through countless articles on choosing the right wall art would be useless if you do not choose something that you inherently like. You should choose wall art that you like or feel connected to.

Many people change their wall art from time to time, especially if they do not settle on something that they like, and this takes time, energy, and money to change.

If you have family members at home, it is advisable to discuss wall art options with them and to get their insights and opinions on it to ensure that everyone agrees, making it easier and more convenient for everyone to enjoy the wall art.

Determine the Wall Art Size

Before you go about purchasing wall art, it is crucial to determine where you will hang your wall art. The space that you provide for wall art may be too small for what you have in mind and to avoid unnecessary purchases, it is important to make sure that you choose the correct size wall art.

Having a larger space is better as you have more flexibility with adding more wall art if you think the current wall art is too small. When you choose wall art, pictures should not be more than two-thirds longer than furniture in front or, or against, the wall.

Select Wall Art by Style

When you select wall art and decorate your home, your choice of wall art will be influenced by the style of your home. A few examples of styles include antique art pieces, bright wall art, bold art, and others.

  • Choose wall art that matches your furniture style
  • In contemporary home designs, consider modern wall art
  • Try to choose a set of two or three mini art pieces
  • Consider black and white wall art as it fits in with most styles
  • Consider wall art that compliments the ceiling colour and that of an adjacent wall

Balance colour and match décor

Consider keeping similar colours away from one another. If you mix black and white with colour images, try to alternate them on your wall. Select artwork for your walls that also complements other colours in the space.

Art can introduce an additional accent colour, but it must fit into the overall colour scheme. Consider common hues in furniture and décor to guide artwork picks.

Keep the Focal Point in Mind

When you choose artwork for your bedroom or living room, consider the focal point and where you want the eye to be drawn. If you have a large wall, consider large wall art that has attractive and bright colours, a breath-taking piece, a classic piece, and others.

You can also consider mini frame art pieces to create a gallery wall instead, especially in a living area. Here, you can consider a series of family photos, canvas prints, a range of wall stickers, or a collection of wall art.

For more information about choosing the perfect wall art for your home visit Pixalot’s website here: https://pixalot.co.za/.

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